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Protestant ministers have more pedophiles than Catholic Clergy says Louisiana faithful

Posted by on Thursday, October 14, 2010, 18:39
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pedophile-protestantsA Catholic from Louisiana has a very convincing statistics about child abuse and sexual abuse which is why I am re-posting it here in OTWOMD. Like many of us, the Man from Hessmer, Louisiana is kinda fed up already on media nit-picking of catholic clergies regarding child molestation and sexual abuse. OTWOMD is no way protecting and insinuating that the Catholic Church is better than other religions, but what we are asking here is open mindedness and fairness from the media which seems to be too hard to ask. That is why as a catholic blogger, we feel the need to even voice out the Church’s sentiment of being singled out on the issue of sexual abuse and child molestation. I have blogged about this previously and somehow a Catholic from Louisiana courageously statistically vindicated my opinion when he gave numbers of the actual child abuse cases. Interestingly enough, the biggest number is not from the Catholic Church but from other Christian denomination, which is why we are always saying that these issues is not exclusive to the Catholic Church but is only blown into proportion by biased media who just want a considerable piece of attention.

The statistic which I am talking about came from a man in Louisiana who wrote an email to a local media outfit, airing out his disappointment on why media kept of focusing on the Catholic church alone. Here is is ht letter captioned: Not just a Catholic problem

I am so tired of the attacks by the media on the Catholic Church. They love to jump on our church and repeat the same message again and again. Are we the only institution that has problems with sexual abuse within its ranks? I would like to see the number of people who work for NBC who have been subjected to sexual abuse by their bosses. I received some very pertinent information about sexual abuse from a Cleveland Jewish businessman that I would like to share.

  • About 12 percent of 300 Protestant clergy surveyed admitted to sexual intercourse with a parishioner;
  • 38 percent acknowledges other inappropriate sexual contact in a study by the United Methodist Church;
  • 41.8 percent of clergy women reported unwanted sexual behavior;
  • 17 percent of laywomen have been sexually harassed.
  • At the same time, 1.7 percent of the Catholic clergy have been found guilty of pedophilia while
  • 10 percent of the Protestant ministers have been found guilty of pedophilia.

This type of behavior is not just a Catholic problem. Why doesn’t the media ask for a public apology from heads of other religions for these offenses just as they are doing in the recent attacks against our church?

Why don’t you print the fact that the Catholic Church educates 2.6 million students everyday at a cost to that church of $10 billion and savings to the American taxpayer of $18 billion?

The graduates go on to graduate studies at the rate of 92 percent. Try beating that number. Our church also has 230 colleges and universities in the U.S. with an enrollment of 700,000 students. Those are numbers worth repeating.

The vast majority of our priests are very dedicated to their calling – 98.3 percent – and would be priests even in the face of such biased PR the Catholic Church has been receiving. We are proud of our priests and support their efforts. We know that there are rotten apples in every bushel, but we will get rid of them as soon as we spot them and we don’t need a liberal media spreading the news of our rotten apples while pretending that no one else has them.

I still believe that they need to make public statistics about their dirty linens. One can only imagine what those numbers would look like in that cutthroat occupation which thrives on the misery of others.

We are Catholic and proud of it. Leave us alone.

James Gautheir

Hessmer, Louisiana


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  1. Mark Harger
    14 October, 2010, 21:35

    The statistics are what they are. The “they do it more that our church” defense is nonsensical. And the assertion that other religions are as good as ours is well meaning but completely incorrect.

    As Catholics, we have to get our head around certain truths. We are supposed to be the light for the whole world to see.
    -1 pedophilia case is too many of our clergy.
    -Many people find and learn about Jesus Christ through one of these these 30,000 plus different protestant denominations. But they don’t know Christ fully because of heretical views and practices, such as sola scriptura, or disbelief in Transubstantiation, (or any of the other sacraments)
    -Part is better than none
    -We hold the complete Deposit of Faith. ALL protestant churches have pieces of that deposit, but ALL are heretical.
    -We are The Church, and we must do a better job bearing that cross. If we did a better job evangelizing there would not be a need to have all these countless other denominations.
    -In many cases if people didn’t have protestant churches to help them find Jesus, it would be far more difficult. What I’m trying to say is they do Christ’s work also, just not completely, but thank God they are there. We must work for ecumenism, so all can know Christ fully.

    Next subject:
    40 days to end abortion is working wonders here in my hometown. Saving lives almost daily. It’s my parish turn tomorrow and they have asked us to participate. As we get further into the 40 days pro-abortion protesters have started to show and get loud and hateful. I plan on attending but am nervous, because I know myself. Please pray for me that I can stay… well… prayerful.

  2. 14 October, 2010, 22:09

    Hello Mark.

    I don’t think that what you are trying to imply in your comment is even near to the context of the post. The post is no way degrading the protestants in terms of “who has the better religion” as what you are trying to say. The context of the post is to show that sexual abuse is not exclusive in the catholic church which media always portray and paint on their news.

    let me quote from the post above which I think you might have accidentally overlooked:

    Like many of us, the Man from Hessmer, Louisiana is kinda fed up already on media nit-picking of catholic clergies regarding child molestation and sexual abuse.

    OTWOMD is no way protecting and insinuating that the Catholic Church is better than other religions, but what we are asking here is open mindedness and fairness from the media which seems to be too hard to ask.

    Context is everything when you give opinion on a topic

    anyhow, I think your endeavor against abortion is very much commendable. I salute your courage and your determination in upholding the moral teachings of the church. I shall pray for your endeavors.

    God Bless

  3. 26 November, 2010, 7:59

    A child is more likely to be abused by a teacher or Protestant youth minister than by any person in the Catholic Church. The Church has recognized the problem and dealt with it. Most Protestants have their head in the sand at their own church and don’t recognize their own problem. Go to for a list of cases.

    I am also sick of the media attacks and jokes about Priests. Good Blog.

    Please watch my short video “Save a Catholic”

    and also learn about our mission at

    God Bless,


  4. eleftherios sofikitis
    21 January, 2012, 4:13

    As a Chatholic I am also tired of Chatholic bashing in the media and reading the comments posted online from ignorant people.  These people only want to hear what they want without the facts. 

  5. Conkall
    11 April, 2012, 8:15

    I love being Catholic and will never change. 
    The media will never attack the the protestant church.The fact is child abuse is everywhere. The Vatican did try to help their priests as they spent millions in therapy for them.
    How about this fact- Report: Protestant Church Insurers Handle 260 Sex Abuse Cases a Year
    From- insurance journal .com

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