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The actual video footage of the exhumation of St. Therese’s body in 1917

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The body of Thérèse was exhumed in the cemetery on 6th September 1910, in the presence of the Bishop and about a hundred others. The remains were placed in a lead coffin and transferred to another tomb. A second exhumation took place on 9th 10th of August 1917. On 26th March 1923, the solemn transfer of the coffin from the cemetry to the chapel of the Carmel took place. The Beatification of Thérèse was pronounced in Rome on 29th April 1923. The Canonisation took place in Rome on 17th May 1925. On 30th September 1925, in Lisieux, the Papal legate, Cardinal Vico, came to kneel before the open reliquary where the body of Thérèse lay, to place a golden rose in the hand of the statue, made by the trappist monk Marie-Bernard, from the Abbey of Soligny. What you are about to see are rare video footages of the actual exhumation of the body of Saint Therese in the presence of the Bishop and hundreds of people who witnessed the event.


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