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Ten new saints to be canonized this year by Pope Benedict XVI

Posted by on Sunday, February 22, 2009, 22:04
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Pope Benedict XVI will make waves this year by naming 10 new saints who will all be included in the official canon. He announced it during an ordinary public Consistory which took place in the Clementine Hall of the Vatican Apostolic Palace. The first five will be canonized this coming April 26 and the other five will be on October 11. The lists consists of four Italians, one Portuguese, one French, one Polish, two Spanish and one controversial Belgian beato. Among the ten said future saints, four are women and six are men. Two are from the medieval timeline, seven are from the 19th century and one from the twentieth century. Eight of them belonged to the religious orders, and two are diocesan clergy and brchbishop. Seven of them are founders of Religious orders and Congregations. One is a leper, the other is a Mystic and most of them were beatified by Pope John Paul II during his reign. Fantastic combination indeed. The names of these future saints are:


(Canonization: April 26, 2009)

1. Bl. Arcangelo Tadini (1846-1912), Italian, Diocesan Priest, Founder of the Congregation of the Worker Sisters of the Holy House of Nazareth, Pastor
2. Bl. Sister Caterina Volpicelli (1839-1894), Italian, Founder of the Institute of Handmaidens of the Sacred Heart, Virgin.
3. Bl. Bernardo Tolomei (1272-1348), Italian, Religious Abbot, Theologian, Founder of the Congregation of the Blessed Virgin of Monte Oliveto, Martyr. The decree recognizing the miracle was adopted on July 3, 2008.
4. Bl. Gertrude Caterina Comensoli, (1847-1903) Italian, Founder of the Institute of Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, Virgin. The decree recognizing the miracle was adopted on March 17, 2008.
5. Bl. Nuno de Santa Maria Alvares Pereira (1360-1431) Portuguese, Former Military General, Carmelite Friar, Penitent. The decree recognizing the miracle was adopted on July 3, 2008.


(Canonization: October 11, 2009)

1. Bl. Marie de la Croix (born Jeanne) Jugan (1792-1879), French, Founder of the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Virgin.
2. Bl. Zygmunt Szczesny Felinski (1822-1895), Polish, Archbishop, Founder of the Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary, Pastor
3. Bl. Francisco Coll y Guitart (1812-1875) Spanish, Dominican Friar, Founder of the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Pastor
4. Bl. Rafael Arnaiz Baron (1911-1938) Spanish, Cistercian Friar of the of the Strict Observance, Died at age 27 due to diabetic Coma. Religious. Considered as one of the greatest Mystics of the 20th Century
5. and Bl. Jozef Damian de Veuster (aka Damien of Molokai, Pater Damiaan, Damien the Leper, Apostle of the Lepers) (1840-1889) Belgian, Religious Missionary of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and of the Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, Pastor. The decree recognizing the miracle was approved July 3, 2008.

Saints in Heaven, Pray for Us…

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  1. Fr. Martn
    23 February, 2009, 5:02

    Great news! Expecially happy to hear of Bl. Marie de la Croix Jugan. Only disappointment is no Franciscans or Capuchins on the list. We are praying for the cause of Ven. Solanus Casey for the USA. Wonderful example of Capuchin life.
    As always, thanks for the information.
    God bless you.

  2. 24 February, 2009, 17:07

    These are nice information. And they have photos, too. Great job bluepanjeet!

    Axs latest blog entry..Ang Pagpasok sa Mundo ng Isang Bata

  3. 25 February, 2009, 11:01

    the life of damien the leper is very inspiring…blessed rafael baron died very young pala…

    felmar fiel, svds latest blog entry..ASH WEDNESDAY TRIVIA

  4. 8 March, 2009, 21:36

    As a Catholic, I am so happy na may mga bagong santa at santo para maging magandang ehemplo ng mga tao ngayon. :oops:

  5. brotherutoy
    28 April, 2009, 5:50

    much awaited ng congregation yang kay blessed damien of molokaï. we have priests who are preparing to attend the canonization.ü

    i love your new layout, bluep. easy on the eyes. easy on my (dinosaur) computer too. God bless!

  6. Mary Lilly
    21 October, 2012, 5:45

    I heard that Kateri Tekawitha – Iriquois Indian from New York would be cannonized this month. Also waiting for cannonization of Sr Henriette de Lille – who they are calling the first black American saint, though she is Mixed/Creole from New Orleans, LA and a distant relation of mine.

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