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The Horrible Whale Massacre tradition of Faroe Islands in Denmark

Posted by on Saturday, November 22, 2008, 9:47
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You would think that the first world countries in Europe such as Faroe Islands near Denmark would never succumbed itself in killing dolphins and whales just because it’s a tradition. Lets just say that upon my research of this infamous tradition, I found out through some environmental and animal rights website that this horrible massacre of Pilot Whales and dolphins is indeed a tradition. A friend sent me via email forwarded message the pictures of this tradition, to my disgust. It’s my first time to see such horrendous images of so many whales being slaughtered on site in front of hundreds of spectators, even children. It brings me to mind the ancient christian persecution where thousands of early Christians were fed to the lions while pagan mobs cheer, jeer and taunt.

When I first saw the pictures I thought it was a hoax but upon reading articles about it on credible websites, I was convinced that this barbarism is actually happening in another country.

Why are they Killing the Whales?

Whale and Dolphin hunting has been the tradition of the inhabitants of Faroe Islands (near Denmark) since the 10th century. And most of the descendants of the medieval whalers have passed this tradition from generations to generations. For the record, there are 17 villages in the island that have these kind of scenario every year which are authorized to conduct such massacre.

After killing the whales in methods so gruesome, the villages part take the meat of their hunt and distribute them among the inhabitants. Some carcasses or what has been left from meat scraping and fat extractions of the killed whales and dolphins are laid right on the pier where most birds and flies scavenge on what is left of the poor creature, skin and bones.

The locals use the whale meat for food because it is one of their staple diet. But recently, a law was passed in the area stating that whale meat consumption must only be once every two weeks because of high levels of mercury, insecticides and other poisons contained in it.

This Tradition has met worldwide outrage and criticism that even Greenpeace Activists tried to stop this from ever occurring again. But the islanders insist that the outsiders doesn’t know the implication of this tradition to their identity and culture as Faroe islanders. Activists however argued that during the medieval times, Faroe islanders have shortage of food compare to this time of ours that food is already abundant and that using tradition as an excuse for the slaughter of these gentle animals is truly unacceptable. If they were sharks, I don’t think they stand a chance in staging such massacre.

I am reminded by this of pre-colonial Mexico prior to the apparition of the Virgin in Guadalupe, wherein people are sacrificed on the altar and their hearts taken from their bodies as a “traditional” sacrifice to the serpent god.

Being a Franciscan at heart, we were taught that all animals are our brothers and sisters and that men should show love for all things and creatures created by God. If St. Francis were alive today, he would probably preach on the shores on Faroe island while whales and dolphins listen.

BTW, I forgot to mention, newly born baby whales and dolphins are not also spared from this massacre.

What’s the difference?

Ever since I published this article in 2008, dozens of Faroe islanders contacted me personally to lambaste me for this expose. Most of them accuse me of stupidity and ignorance. Okay so let’s say I am really ignorant in their tradition, and I’m really stupid, but does that lessen the fact that they kill hundreds or perhaps thousands of whales just for their diet and amusement?

Faroe Islander’s use the analogy of killing poultry, cattle and livestock for meat and food to compare it to their tradition. But there is a big difference.

Poultry, livestock and cattle are domesticated, they are NOT in the wild, they are easy to breed and multiply and can be bred in captivity without endangering their population or species.

The Pilot whales in Faroe Islands however are not domesticated and are in the wild.  Their population are not controlled, nor do we have an exact headcount of the number that is left on the wild. Aside from the killing of this whales, there are other factors that can contribute to their diminishing number such as change in sea currents, rise in salt water temperature, water pollution and other environmental causes.

In Poultry, livestock and cattle, these risks and factors can be controlled. Feeds for these domesticated animals are manufactured and their number can be controlled or multiply. So their role in the ecosystem and food chain is actually controlled. Pilot whales doesnt have this luxury. They are sandwiched between the degrading environment and man’s constant need for food. So any attempt to kill them for food in massive number is an attempt to exterminate them without any specific data of their population. Remember that in wildlife, scientists only use estimates in demographics and data and not specific headcounts.

With this scenario, how on earth is killing of pilot whales the same as killing chicken, cows or pigs?

The excuse of Faroe Islanders to compare their tradition to daily slaughter of domesticated animals for meat is ridiculously remote and off tangent.

If Faroe Islanders can domesticate Pilot whales in their own bath tubs or swimming pools and breed them in their own backyards in captivity, why not? If that is even possible.

Until then, this Tradition has to be stopped and is unacceptable in any angle of civility and humane treatment of animals. These wild animals have the right to live, multiply and roam freely the earth without any threat or danger to their safety and existence.

OTWOMD “still” condemns these foolish tradition and act of atrocities toward Pilot Whales.


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  1. 23 November, 2008, 8:06

    Oh my God!! halos bumaliktad ang sikmura ko while reading this post..Tradition? that’s their reason? it’s a pathetic reason because what they’re doing is barbaric. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these people will get sick because of the higher mercury content of what they’re eating.

  2. 23 November, 2008, 9:13

    Hello Marites

    Oo. Kakaawa yung mga dolphins at whales. Grabe ano? Ang dami nila pinatay

  3. 24 November, 2008, 16:04

    nakakalungkot, actually nasa blog ko to last year(including those disturbing pics) nung active pako mag blog sa Y360.

  4. 25 November, 2008, 7:35

    Ah ganun ba? matagal na pala ito? I just read this from animal activists sites such as sea shepherd, wwf and greenpeace

  5. Jindra
    1 December, 2008, 3:46

    :sad: bobci

  6. Hiya
    13 December, 2008, 23:00

    Is this done religiously? Its gross and repulsive. Poor dolphins. Some times you wonder if these are human beings or monsters who’re killing them.

  7. neil
    23 December, 2008, 10:41

    i’d rather contravene with this tradition than killing lots of innocent dolphins.

    these people are assholes. :sad:

  8. 3 January, 2009, 4:30

    I´m just shocked…

  9. 11 February, 2009, 18:02

    this has to stop horrible

  10. 11 February, 2009, 20:39

    kapatid naisend na rin ito sa email ko. Haays ansakit sa dibdib. :cry:

    medyo complicated nga talaga once tradition na ang pinag-usapan. pero kung gagawa talaga ng paraan at pagtutulungan, sigurado mahihinto din ang kasamaan na yan. Parang foot-binding sa China diba since ~950 AD pa yun pero na-abolish din. Kelangan lang din talaga mag-set ng boundaries between tradition and barbarism.

  11. Junaid
    17 February, 2009, 12:17

    Well my two cents are:

    I guess the island is full of impotent people for which they have to prove by slaughtering innocent creatures in the name of ritual.

    I so think Viagra has a huge potential in these islands as the only way to stop this massacre.

    Shame on them and also on world peace-keepers for celebrating the Silence.

    Now I know why did nt they chose Sharks instead lol

  12. animallover
    17 February, 2009, 21:06


  13. 17 February, 2009, 21:06


  14. mad
    4 March, 2009, 7:31


  15. tick
    6 March, 2009, 15:56



  16. sheila papworth
    7 March, 2009, 2:47

    I am lost for words , this is the worst thing iv;e seen for a long time . what have these poor creature done to any one .

  17. Maki
    10 March, 2009, 21:25

    :cry: I just want to say that whoever is doing this that don’t have mind and human/animal manner. This is the wrest thing that I ever seen in my life and I fill soooo bad about this dolphins …. I hope one day they hunt them back ….. but seriously this has toooo stop this is not a tradition this is evil thing :evil:

  18. Aline Louali
    18 March, 2009, 5:06


  19. Danila
    27 May, 2009, 5:26

    Ma ci sono o ci fanno??
    Ma il mondo è veramente impazzito??
    Ma perchè a questi pezzi di merda non li squartano e li sbudellano come fanno a questi poveri e SPLENDIDI animali??
    mah…ogni giorno più schockkata…. ma poi ”tradizione” di cosa?? se queste sono le tradizioni di un popolo non so più che pensare…belle ”tradizoni” del cavolo!! la tradizione di ammazzare esseri viventi..bello bello.. e nessuno interviene… Ma vaffanculo..politici e istituzioni del cavolo…!!

  20. El Lee
    27 May, 2009, 6:34

    How horrific! These people have no empathy for the living beings they are slaughtering (just imagine the way the whales feel listening to the cries of their fellow pod members being hacked up waiting there turn!!!) Tradition is BS! especially when it is so atrocious and barbarack! Evolve you basta__s!!!

  21. ginny fear
    28 May, 2009, 3:16

    this is sick

  22. 29 May, 2009, 19:31

    If this activity is just a bloody sport It is simply outrageous and barbaric – it has to stop!
    Either way, these dolphins are intelligent creatures and do not deserve such treatment … 8O

  23. Lilah
    23 June, 2009, 23:32

    ALL ANIMALS SHOULD BE FREE FROM THIS MADNESS! All of them! No animals should be exploited by us, especially not in this day and age! Encourage abolitionism, it’s the only way things will ever change. Don’t be down, keep yourselves happy, strong, and active for animals, and someday (though maybe not in our lifetimes) the good in our species will win out and this can be a better place.

  24. jessica
    3 July, 2009, 1:52

    Hate this kind of stuff we humans do…..if we just disappeared I think the world would be a better place….-_-

  25. thon
    21 July, 2009, 11:31

    you guys are horribly sick. to the core!
    how could you bring yourselves to kill animals
    for no good reason!!

  26. globalnomad
    21 July, 2009, 13:00

    Ihr Daenen seid ein kluges, souveraenes und friedliebendes Voelkchen. Doch, dass fuer euch das grausame Massaker an Delphinen und Walen vor der Insel Faroe immer noch legitim ist, erschuettert mich zutiefst. Stoppt endlich diesen barbarischen Wahnsinn!

  27. Mahaguroo
    23 July, 2009, 18:44

    Well my appeal to all is STOP EATING ANIMALS/ FISH / BIRDS . . . why are you so disturbed by this killing ??? Because you are seeing the Photographs of these . . . the same thing takes place at the Slaughter house of all the Super stores where you buy meat/ pork./ lamb/ fish / chicken/ cattle/ etc . . . Do GREEN PEACE go and protest there ???

    So are these people who slaughter for your food IMPOTENT ? No? then these who are doing slaughter for the same purpose may be not ?

    Killing another animal for satifying your hunger itself is a horrible thing . . . please stop this . . .

  28. Elad
    24 July, 2009, 21:18

    Those people should have their hands cut off – Fucken Animals… these are not humans… these are cowards. hiding behind a tradition to slaughter helpless animals.
    How do they sleep at night?It’s pictures like these that make me ashamed to be a part of the human race.

  29. Alex
    31 July, 2009, 12:43

    First of all Feroe islands are not in Denmark, they are under the non-governing monarchy of Denmark, and they are as sovereign as Greenland and eve have their own laws.
    The Danish government definitely could do something about it, and I really don’t understand why they haven’t.
    I hope these images that are now circulating through the internet help do something about it…

    And please people, keep this in perspective, there is a handful of injustice being spread around the world, to children, older people, animals and even our environment so don’t judge all DANISH people for it… that would like judging all AMERICAN people for Iraq, eventhough after 9/11 they begged for revenge… anyways… KEEP YOUR PERSPECTIVE!


  30. Ronald
    2 September, 2009, 5:00

    Somebody should go there and tell them that the tradition in his country is to kill stupid persons that kill innocent animals. WHAT A STUPID TRADITION. Does an organization has done something against that?

  31. ik
    4 September, 2009, 15:20

    where the hell is GREENPEACE? just another politic-corupted agency!?

  32. Lana Tunnell
    10 September, 2009, 19:21

    How can you be so sick they are part of this world and are living creatures they have as much right on this earth as we do and damn all those who kill them to hell in my opinion shame on denmark and feroe Island i hope that you all suffer later and it haunts you in you’r memories for seing what you people do i am going to do my best to help organisations to stop what you do i think you are sick in the head go to hell. i am currently tryin 2 raise money to help stop all this, i think everybody who takes part in killing theses creatures should have their lives taken if they carry on killing them. i think the government should be ashamed of letting this get out of controll and should stop the people from doin it.
    :-x :-x :-x :evil: :cry: :evil: :cry: :evil: :cry: :!: :!: :!: :!:. :!: :!:

  33. Nicole dell
    10 September, 2009, 19:29


  34. Jacie
    11 September, 2009, 11:05

    this is terrible! why do it they are so graceful! its so grusome why do it!
    they should be sentanced to like 10 or more years in prison God said to LOOK AFTER the animals :!: shame on them!

  35. alex
    13 September, 2009, 1:59

    :evil: that was the most crazy tradition i have evet seen, how could you call people ? you are killing the most inteligent and frindly animal in the earth, just for your ******* , stupid tradition ??!!! :-x

  36. 17 September, 2009, 16:39

    I shed a tear for our Brother Whales…

  37. richie
    1 October, 2009, 7:27

    What is being done to stop this?? this can go on any longer, how stupid can u be? how stupid can u get? Tradition? they lost all traditions already — used to be pagans now are f@#$$ christians, so if that tradition wasnt worth holding on to why this ignorant one? Absolutley incredible… I promise Denmark , that may be ur country but this is our world and we can’t destroy it anymore, this makes me so angry that some environmental terrorism would be quite needed to stop this. How about all this idiots being slaughter too– bombed?

  38. miguel balderrama
    3 October, 2009, 13:35

    don’t you compare mexico with these feronese tradition. first of all because prehispanic mesoamerican sacrifices where an honour to the sacrificed person. he or she was very willing to do this for his or her god. and it was one sacrifice in a long period of time. and secondly, because every culture, even you’re own, (whichever it is) has prooven to have barbaric demonstrations of violence against other people and animals at some period. specially if you’re from the states, where that culture has bombed baghdad not a very long time ago, killing hundreds of civilians. I know my culture has commited a lot of violent agressions against life. starting with the conquest of the indian population in mexico. i’m not proud of it. but that has been left in the past. so what i’m trying to say is that your phrases:”The only difference between Mexico and Faroe Island is the time and era. But practically they have the same kind of barbarism in their blood” are waaay out of context, they show ignorance, and frankly,as a mexican i’m offended to have the name of my country related to this brutal extermination of innocent beings.

  39. Alejandro Solari
    4 October, 2009, 4:14

    Please STOP with this practice.

  40. jeril
    6 October, 2009, 14:30

    i was shock on this pictures specially when i watch the you tube videos about this case… i hope i can do something… tradition is important but not all especially today… we are already in a civilized world… we have hearts, feelings… we are not animal to do such thing… its really brutal… i can’t imagine that this exist…. i wish not untill now… it’s more dangerous if the nature will revenge…

  41. 13 October, 2009, 7:27

    Why in the hell would someone do that? You guys are horibble people=[ :evil:

  42. Francisco
    14 October, 2009, 1:09

    I trully hope that the people that do this kind of thing go home and feast with the dolphin meat and suffer from mercury related deaseases, so they stop slottering dolphins.

  43. Alexis
    14 October, 2009, 8:56

    Who knows the karmic effects or Divine lessons those atrocities will bring them… Anyway, let’s also think about all animals that are slaughtered every day for food in all countries… I’m glad I’m trying to be a vegetarian (it’s hard when you haven’t been raised as one).

  44. tasha
    14 October, 2009, 22:24

    thats horrible!
    even if something like that was for religious purposes, why kill so many!
    i dont support the killing of animals, but god forbid if they need a sacrifice to their god, why not make a sacrifice of killing one instead of killing off the whole species?!?!

  45. Alexis
    15 October, 2009, 2:40

    How foolish of me; when I saw the first photo, before reading the text, I thought the Danes painted the sea like the Irish when they dye the Chicago river green on Saint Patrick’s day… LOL!

  46. animalsareHuman/angles
    20 October, 2009, 10:33

    i dont think this should be tradition.(personally). there suppose to be happy N memorable idk y anyone would wanna keep this up?…. why would they want there children to see this happening n going on?. ..pshh animals don’t deserve all horrible things that happen to them…*no offence er nothing* * i think this in my opinion* sorry if other people dont.:-x

  47. MMMM! Whale
    24 October, 2009, 5:06

    I think if they need the meat to eat its fair game. Just limit the number of whales being killed.

  48. morgan
    24 October, 2009, 10:04

    This is truly horrific and cruel. I cannot believe that this tradition hasn’t been outlawed by their government.. these are beautiful, intelligent, kind dolphins for crying out loud. Both the islanders and the government should be very ashamed of themselves. I hope a stop is put to this immediately!!!!!

  49. Megan
    29 October, 2009, 11:52


  50. nunu
    29 October, 2009, 17:30

    This is the saddest thing I have ever seen. I hope the governemnt does something about this and SOON. where is WWF and Green peace? WHY is this being allowed to continue?

  51. 1 November, 2009, 2:37

    Feroe Islands shoud be the next country USA should invade.

  52. Dehove
    2 November, 2009, 22:21

    shame of us… they have to pay for those crimes

  53. Rick Spencer
    3 November, 2009, 4:28

    I am horrified. My continent, Africa, is supposedly barbaric and uncivilised, so how can “first world” so how can called “advanced” European society behave in such a despicable manner? It’s BARBARIC to kill beautiful creatures for the fun and excitement of an age-old ritual. The government of Denmark should hand their collective heads in shame! The entire population of my beautiful city of Cape Town wept when 50 pilot whales beached here earlier this year and could not be saved. The Faroese should no longer be allowed to continue with this bloody tradition!

  54. Mooly
    5 November, 2009, 3:11

    Yes we are all indeed disgusted and outraged that such a primitive tradition is allowed to continue aleit by a bunch of inbread deadbeats who’s only contribution to this planet is to CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME…Yes the “species” that perpetrates this atrocity should be dealt with as the virus they are and be “neutralised” but that’s probably an unrealistic expectation. Can someone PLEASE tell me what we can ACTUALLY do about this?

  55. Gaurav
    12 November, 2009, 2:20

    Its inhuman…..stop it immediately if you all know the value of lives

  56. Navneet
    12 November, 2009, 17:12

    Bull**** DENMARK. U must stop this horrible…

  57. Trigam
    12 November, 2009, 17:36

    I pray that this stops NOW.I feel sick seeing this.These villagers are mental.Please send them help

    13 November, 2009, 2:42


  59. nanda
    13 November, 2009, 13:42

    Poor dolphins,
    killing is a big cruelty by d human people . stop it ….may b in future der i’l b no ny dolphins on d earth….

  60. nabs
    13 November, 2009, 21:35

    what ****** idiots! why do denmark people always to crazy **** to upset the rest of the world?

  61. observer
    14 November, 2009, 3:43

    the judgement day is coming so im not that worried. we all need to redeem for human crimes against this planet.
    there is a phrase: kill one to save millions.
    here is mine: i give my life for all those people deaths and others in the world which kill others, go to war, deceive, rape etc.
    but im affraid human race cant be saved. it must be EXTERMINATE by this planet itself. we are the worst beings on this planet.

  62. cosmicdust
    15 November, 2009, 3:19

    I feel shame being a human… what kind of tradition is this? really barbaric people. horrific tradition.
    I am very sad. something must be done to stop this..

  63. Ruby Piedra
    15 November, 2009, 10:00

    what in the world do they think their doing! those animals r going extinct cause of them! people have to stop this!

  64. 15 November, 2009, 19:50

    That is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen in my life. I cant believe that anybody can do something like that. Its bad enough with what Japan does, but what the hell is this bloody carnage???? SHAME ON YOU,your nothing but murderers. I hope their cries as you slaughtered these beautiful animals will haunt all of you in your nighmares for the rest of your sorry lives. I have always been proud of my Danish heritage, but ill stop and think before I bring it up ever again in a conversation because of this shame.

  65. Milind Rasal
    16 November, 2009, 17:52

    That is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen in my life.

  66. Kristen
    17 November, 2009, 2:07

    I am shocked and appauled by this disgusting annual act. How can people be so cruel? What did these beautiful creatures ever do to deserve this??????????? They can feel pain and are suffering because of people who should have compassion and appreciation for these beautiful animals but don’t and slaughter them for absolutely no god damn reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…excuse my language. I just hate this so much!!!! This has got to stop…….I hope that if everyone signs petitions and are persistant on this that it will change. I can’t bear to think that this will continue year after year until they are completely extinct. So angry right now.

  67. Greg
    17 November, 2009, 8:27

    it’s unbelievable that this thing goes on in these times. They should all be ashamed of themselves. This is truly disgusting

  68. Anon
    19 November, 2009, 10:56

    These nasty Northern Europeans have hidden their true side long enough. Christ is no dummy, and the Bible makes a distinction between the true and false believers. I prefer these Neanderthals dried, petrified and hanging in museums and on the pages of history books… to hell they will go.

    May the apocalypse come now.

  69. Sameer
    19 November, 2009, 21:46

    Are these people in mental asylum and freed for a leisure? If they are not, they must be sent to one immediately. They are dangerous headless creatures and nobody should consider them as humans.
    Anybody from “discovery” or “animal planet” seeing this? What are your channels for? Have you ever shown this on your channels criticizing this cowardly and inhuman act. Close your channels if you can’t act upon this. :( :( :(

  70. Cassie
    20 November, 2009, 10:41

    This is sick. Totally inhumane and unnecessary. To argue that this is done in tradition is utterly ridiculous not to mention deluded. Clearly they have no argument of a common food source any longer, given the laws that are now in place that are there only to protect their health – nice right? – Their government doesn’t want the people to get ill but they pass no laws prohibiting the actual killings.
    The fact that their government does not control of such barbaric acts is a disgrace to the country. One would think that they would do so if not to see the abysmal cruelty ended, but to aid their tourism industry which I could only assume must be on a constant decline as a result of the worldwide attention this ghastly “tradition” is receiving. I know personally I love to travel, and after seeing this have no inclination to ever visit this place. Not only do I not want to step foot in such a terrible place, I wouldn’t sink my money into their tourism industry.
    Those that partake should be ashamed of themselves, and parents who take their small children to view these massacres are sick and twisted.

  71. helen cameron
    22 November, 2009, 9:34

    this is totaly sick not as if the islanders of faroe are exactly starving the governments should do something and soon before the world loses its natural beautiful mammals i myself cannot understand why they would pass this sick tradition on and let kids watch such a massacre please lets try and do more to stop this now

  72. richa
    22 November, 2009, 14:26

    its disgusting,horrible and absolutely barbaric….animal rights organisations shud stop this as soon as possible but it seems that all social activists are deep asleep.

  73. 23 November, 2009, 16:32

    Stop killing the whales & the Dolphins… they are such friendly mammals… THIS IS A STUPID TRADITION!

  74. marirs
    24 November, 2009, 19:05


  75. Jax Kalou
    26 November, 2009, 11:25

    Like everyone else I am mortified….Why can’t they prove their “manhood” by going after a lion or tiger with their bloody hooks…..that would be interesting wouldn’t it? (Not that I would approve of that either if there was any chance that they might actually hurt the lion or tiger)
    If I wasn’t a lady there is a four letter word I can think of right now to describe those bleeping savages.

  76. JACKIE
    26 November, 2009, 22:50

    :-x absolutely disgusting that peeps could actually do are they thinking!!! that old saying what goes around comes around….they will get theres…fuck that shit..totally if i could stop it i would do the same thing to them…

  77. Sue Ellen Finn
    28 November, 2009, 9:17

    Unbelievable! Sickening! Totally Unnecessary! W.W.J.D. :cry:

  78. Carlo Diaz
    1 December, 2009, 7:28

    This is an example of all of us a a species. Criminal, Evil, Disgraceful, Sick, Inhumane, Wicked and an afront to God. That any government allows this should be a crime against humanity! Those that just watch and do nothing are accomplices in this crime. It is immaterial that this is tradidion, a religion or whatever… THIS MUST STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. dencios
    1 December, 2009, 20:16

    hindi ko kinaya ang sakit… :(

  80. kazim capaci
    2 December, 2009, 18:38

    horrible :((

  81. Hasan Jamil
    2 December, 2009, 23:18

    I think the west, the so called civilized countries, need to think about who they call civilized. Imagine Iran, Afghanistan or China doing it. How will the Danish would react with outrage. Hypocrites to the core. Not to mention that what an outragious act supported by all of us. Why not consider sanctions against Denmark instead of Iran pursuing nuclear ambition which they may or may not use for anything destructive. We focus so much on posturing ourselves on political issues to sidestep other nations we do not like, but we ignore the sick and destructive acts of the countries we “like”. I am sure Denmark is one of the “liked” countries of the civilized world. Bravo.

  82. unknown
    12 December, 2009, 12:51

    :cry: this is unbelievable! this is discusting i cant believe man kind would do something like this to poor innocent animals such as whales and dolphins. What was the reason for this tragedy? i am sorry for what we have done to you sea creatures. This horrible treating of animals HAS TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please everyone join a charity to any kind of animal and donate anything and everything you can. <3

  83. 18 December, 2009, 7:21

    I guess humans are the most cruel animals in the world. If such gruesome killings continues out off stupis customs and traditions, it won’t be long before the world would come to an end. I would rather not live and raise my children in such atmosphere than being a part of it.

  84. Wendy Holley
    21 December, 2009, 7:40

    Do you know of anyone organising an on the spot protest? What date of the year does this happen? I want to be there- this can not happen again.

  85. Nisya
    21 December, 2009, 17:54

    Noooooooo !!!!! This is one of the saddest thing I have ever seen…I have no words…
    Diificult to understand why it s being allowed by the governemnt…
    Its totaly inhuman !!!!

  86. karan singh
    28 December, 2009, 2:09

    these people r f****** cowards who mecilessly kill dolphins who come towards them in a freindly manner. these people can only show their authority over someone not equal 2 them.i wish the ass who started this tradition was i big f****** dork.people who follow this ritual r bigger dorks.i feel so bad for the animals there. don’t they hav a heart?these dolphins which do not know what will happen freindly come towards these people not knowing what ass***** r they. please stop it. where r PFA, other agencies etc.Denmark sucks big time…..

  87. Mai
    30 December, 2009, 9:10

    My heart is bleeding when seeing these pictures. Human beings are so lost :(

  88. Syed Jahanzaib
    4 January, 2010, 14:09

    What’s the government doing? It is happening in day light in front of everyone, where are the law agencies ? where is the UNO :evil: Where are Human /Animal Right Champions ?

    It must stop immediately.

  89. despero
    6 January, 2010, 6:31

    All these people go to HELL!!!

  90. Kanat
    14 January, 2010, 19:03

    Shame on us that we cannot stop this god damn tradition.

  91. Ann-Marie Tessier
    15 January, 2010, 7:05

    Sanctions against Denmark! This is atrocious. It is human behavior that is despicable. It must be stopped!

  92. raydolmar generillo
    21 January, 2010, 15:57

    :-x these dolphins saves seamen!!! now that they are being hunted by men who is going to save us?

  93. Andrea
    30 January, 2010, 6:19

    What is being done about stopping this? How do you contact Greenpeace and the Faroe Island governing body? They have a tourism website – it needs to be bombarded with this information! I see a lot of people showing disgust – what is being done about it?

  94. Andrea
    30 January, 2010, 6:44

    Here is some contact information for anyone who has the backbone to actually try to do something about this horror:

    Faroe Island tourism:

    Write to these people and find out if this is actually happening.

  95. Brandon
    6 February, 2010, 3:35

    This is another example of how the corrupt corporate media is not covering what it is truly a genocide! These people should be hanged!

  96. victoria
    10 February, 2010, 6:41

    this type of tradtion is a sick and unbelievably horrid thing. how could anyone with a heart do this to such intelligent animals. there are mean people in the world but this is outtrage. whoever dares to do this type of killing should go to hell!

  97. 22 February, 2010, 21:04

    this is so impractical..thy tend to lower the population of the whales wherein as far as I know whales are one of the endangered species of animals in the earth..this tradition must be stopped!..

  98. føroyingurin
    23 February, 2010, 21:11

    tað er keðiligt at síggja hvussu lítla vitan tit hava um grindadráp og hvørja ávirkan hetta hevur fyri føroya fólk.!! (it is sad to see, how little knowledge you all have about whalehunt, and what meaning it has for the people of the faroe island :( We all live of what nature gives, and nothing more than that.. We dont enjoy killing whales, but do it for the food, and that is just the law of nature.!! the faroese goverment has done good work to make the killing as least painfull as can be, and it has been a good succes :) dont tell me that none of you people eat meet, bought from factorys, you dont think that those animals felt pain as they were killed.!!!

    I just simply hope that some of you can understand our way of living, and not just comment by saying evrerything out wrong thankss :)

  99. 24 February, 2010, 0:16

    It is very sickening and disturbing that there is no respect for wild life in the way these ‘barbaric sloths’ keep traditions that have no justifiable meaning today. If the meat is a staple exploit it like with cattle that are killed with a stun in the head, something that reduces unecessary suffering. I am somewhat glad that mercury is finding it’s way to their brains. Maybe there will be a point where there will only be stillborns or total infertility and at least these islands and places will be devoid of these ‘low-humans’.

  100. hailey
    9 March, 2010, 1:36

    i think this is the most sadest and stupidest thing in the intire world it is so barbarek and i love dolphins there gonna be all dead by the end of the year if this keeps up i apsuloutly hate this it needs to stop big time im sooooo protesting against this

  101. Anonymus
    9 March, 2010, 21:31

    These barbaric people should be exterminated in gas chambers !

  102. Swit
    10 March, 2010, 16:06


    I can’t imagine of it as traditions. UN should make a stand!

  103. TCA
    12 March, 2010, 10:10

    Actually, Greenpeace is aware of this issue and has made waves in disrupting this “tradition”. And to add, Greenpeace organization has done A LOT to protect our planet.

  104. ihatethem
    12 March, 2010, 23:27

    I think that they should STOP that tradition! It’s time to make an effing difference!!! I don’t care if it started from the 10th century or what. It’s already the 21st for crying out loud. Loads of animals are already extinct, yet they’re still going for that tradition which involves MURDER. People don’t have to prove manhood through killing animals.. I am really pissed off by what they are doing :-x

  105. ihatethem
    12 March, 2010, 23:32

    P.S. I won’t EVER go to Denmark until this tradition is banned. :-x

  106. 14 March, 2010, 10:00

    This situation needs to be attended to with immediate effect. this is just ah cruel satanic act done by sense-less people!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-x

  107. Simon
    17 March, 2010, 20:50

    I just want to say that i’m the Faroe Islands and think that this is horrible and disgusting so now you know that not all from the Faroe Islands are “evil” :-P

  108. sarah woodhall
    26 March, 2010, 22:54

    Tradition? What happened to all the many traditions from long ago deemed unfit/unsuitable/barbaric? Stopped because of how wrong they were and not acceptable in 21st century. Why should these idiots be allowed to carry on with murderous acts? It doesn’t make them masculine just sick killers! THEY ARE EQUIVALENT TO CHILD KILLERS and should be tried just the same. These creatures are happy go lucky like children and should be protected in the same way. They gleefully interact with humans trusting them, yet these barbaric islanders are allowed to stage disgraceful acts that no human could lawfully to a child. Protect them in the same way!

  109. Choc-o
    2 April, 2010, 22:31

    :arrow:    put* tradisyon yan!  hanep huh! pag-patay sa mga kawawang nilalang ang tradisyon nila!?  Ang mga hinayupak walang awa!! I hope na sana mga sharks na lang ang nandyan sa island na yan!! Tignan lang natin ! Grabe na to!! Ang daming pinatay !! Nakaka-imbyerna!!!!! Ang sarap pag-papatayin ng mga tao diyan !!  :evil:

  110. cheow
    3 April, 2010, 15:08

    what did the government contribute to stop this? have they done something to stop this rude tradition? this is too much! :evil:

  111. kisses
    3 April, 2010, 17:28

    …i never thought that this thing is possible…none of us have the right to do such thing just because we have to follow traditions…i mean, what do we get from it…does their Gods ordered them to kill those innocent whale and dolphins just to pleased them…it’s not right….it just melt my heart and made me cry to see those fish killed by those heartless people…

  112. gaurang Sanghavi
    3 April, 2010, 20:41

    I can never understand the cruelty that Man exhibits towards other living beings !!! On the one hand Christ is worshipped..and on the other hand this baseless massacre..Kindness is perhaps lost forever… makes even men like Adolf Hitler look kind.. such slaughter… and for what reasons !!! We may have evolved from monkey to man..but in terms of our mental senses we have only gone down !!!.

  113. 4 April, 2010, 1:02


  114. 4 April, 2010, 2:12

    ohhh Lord!!!! may they receive what they gave! let what they did happen to them….. may the souls of the doers be burned in hell!!

  115. 4 April, 2010, 12:12

    why is it that no one’s taking action about this….. this should be stopped……. dolphins and whales are second to humans and killing these mammals is lyk murdering a human being…. where’s PETA where’s WWF, where’s HUMANE SOCIETY?????

  116. ana
    4 April, 2010, 21:42

    I wish that these people would forever recall this atrocity every time they’d hear a baby cry, just like the dolphins did as they slowly died.

  117. wowowiwaw
    4 April, 2010, 22:48

    poor animals..why are they still practicing this kind of tradition to their kids? Why would they choose to kill dolphins instead of other animals that can be domesticated like chicken or pig? I hope they will pay for this kind of crime..Do they want to see their own family members to be killed just like that..Are you people? or just a piece of soulless trash

  118. 5 April, 2010, 2:22

    tsk!! napaka wulang hiya!!! d’ americans should help about this case.. how stupid!

  119. cristina
    5 April, 2010, 17:44


  120. Francesca Garde
    6 April, 2010, 8:29

    este no está bien. luchando contra las leyes de naturaleza, haciendo daño a mis delfines queridos y ballenas, que país se ha vuelto loco que estos animales de cariño puros les habían hecho, allí los sesos se han deteriorado debido al nivel alto de mercurio contenido en sus cuerpos, por eso esta gente no piensa más

  121. Oh My...
    6 April, 2010, 22:11

    Oh God, they don’t know what they’re doing!!!

  122. marta
    8 April, 2010, 17:47

    Where the f..k are animal rights organizations??? Denmark should be punished by UN!
    Is there anything an average person like myself can do? Is there any petition going on?

  123. Catherine
    14 April, 2010, 22:47

    We have a responsibility for our world, and this is one of the many things that brings a grave inbalance to our earth. Respect the world you live in. Treat it with the same regard you would like to be treated yourself, then you should think twice before you would do such a horrible act. In this day and age we should know better!!!! This tradition is long overdue, like the bull fighting, dog fights and other horrific ideas of man(kind).

  124. teacup
    18 April, 2010, 2:32


  125. Theodoros Miglakis
    19 April, 2010, 1:13

    You have the power to change this, spread the word, send them emails, letters. This cruelty has to stop. Humanity has to prevail, barbarism has to be abolished if our next generations have a chance in the future!!

    Office of the Faroese Government
    Føroya Landstýri
    P.O. Box 64
    FR-110 Tórshavn
    Tel.: 298 11080
    Fax: 298 19667

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
    2, Asiatisk Plads
    DK-1448 Copenhagen K
    Tel. +45 33 92 00 00
    Fax +45 32 54 05 33

  126. Christina
    19 April, 2010, 18:27

    This is a shame for humanity! And I thought that only Japanese are to blame for killing and hunting dolphins. I am so disgusted that this takes place here in Europe too. Shame!

  127. 19 April, 2010, 19:20

    These photos are grusome, but have you ever been to a slaughter house? This goes on all over the world and will if we continue to eat meat. At least these creatures can roam freely before they are killed as opposed to cattle feed lots, chicken cages, etc. This tradition may eventually die out if other foods can be imported in exchange for locally harvested fish since there is little land for agriculture there.

  128. Guy Dale
    28 April, 2010, 4:47

    I am a proud hunter and fisherman and I am horrified by this practice! It can not be condoned and must be stopped immediately! I can’t believe that such atrocities are being allowed to continue in this day and age. I will not buy any products of Denmark until these barbarians are stopped. I encourage all of you to join me.

  129. Dr. Veronika Veltkamp
    29 April, 2010, 14:01

    Please stop this cruelity against nature!!!

  130. ian
    2 May, 2010, 2:14

    :cry: :cry:
    truly a good enough reason for the travelling public and businesses alike to avoid this disgraceful country with a very very weak government. These
    thugs should prove their manhood against each other, as these animals are not there with any agression in their hearts, trusting their envioronment and ultimately trusting their human counterparts. A truly disgusting sight. man should be ashamed. DENMARK you are despicable. I for one will never send my business your way.

  131. ian
    2 May, 2010, 2:36

    its good to know your there syed. i too can not understand why the animal rights people are not there physically stopping this debacle.
    its so depressing to see. i will never visit this dumping ground for the worlds scum

  132. 10 May, 2010, 21:21


  133. Eve Makas
    13 May, 2010, 14:10

    What the…???!!!???

  134. Karma Konchok
    15 May, 2010, 19:24

    Please stop this. Those guys are not human. This tradation is devil Tradation. If they have human heart, then they will not do such activities. Where is the law of Denmark? Wake up please.

  135. 29 May, 2010, 4:13

    This is proof that every human on earth is a follower (brainwashed) by their ancestors…parents. When boys become men, that’s when every father and mother should tell their sons (and daughters) that “just because I was taught to raise you this way, doesn’t mean it’s right.” Like the gulf oil disaster, this is proof that man has failed again and has lost his ability to forsee how he his bringing the very things that sustain him to extinction. Where are the mothers!!!!!!!!!!

  136. Mohit
    7 June, 2010, 16:25

    This is totally insane. How could such people gonna call themselves as human. this is a barbaric act .And such act should be banned not in Denmark but all over the world . We had to raise voice against such activities………………. :-?

  137. Rita Knox
    20 June, 2010, 3:42

    are you serious? You must be kidding me! This is the rawest I’ve seen ever! Why extinguishing such an intelligent and gentle species? Raise chickens or pigs and kill them in an humane manner. This seems to be a pastime family event, rather than nutritional need. You all should be ashamed.

  138. Rita
    20 June, 2010, 4:58

    I live in Las Vegas, and we don’t have cows grazing on pastures either. All we have is dogs, cats, and other pets. We don’t eat them. Just because you don’t have livestock, does not mean you eat what you find. What about import? Many countries rely on importing goods to sustain. Wouldn’t that work? So, the excuse about need for food is invalid. Are these volunteers doing the killing any way they want? The meat producing industries in most countries are raising animals for the purpose of consumption and use methods of humane slaughter ( and I agree that there might be some perverted exceptions under the radar). Governments regulate and check the industry. These here are hobby killers depleting the most beautiful creatures of the oceans. How sad. 

  139. semjam
    22 June, 2010, 13:24

    why do they kill whales??!! what kind of tradition is this??!!it is insanity!! :evil:

  140. genn
    27 June, 2010, 19:35

    dolpins and whales are one of the most sensitive animals in this earth., please save them., they done nothing wrong to us,. please stop killing them :cry:

  141. Bill Bray
    2 July, 2010, 1:56

    This is enough to make me want to resign from the human race ( once again!)

  142. Bill Bray
    2 July, 2010, 2:00

    Looks like Denmark is still an honorary member of the AXIS of WW II. At least the Holocaust was a painless death from lethal gas. This is simply akin to murdering a child with a grappling hook..en masse!

  143. myra wolffers
    9 July, 2010, 17:55

    To stop to kill the dolphins

  144. Brian and Lizzie Helring
    13 July, 2010, 17:08

    This is the worst thing i ever seen, i am a shame to call me humen

  145. amala
    22 July, 2010, 7:49

    sometimes you wonder why all these innocent children and citizen are victims of war. Now you know way. NObody is innocent suffers they are paying for there bad deeds

  146. ravi
    29 July, 2010, 13:06

    HELP EVER ,HURT NEVER . my humble request to Feroe Islanders to stop this  act of killing dolphins / whales every year as a tradition. all living things on this earth are children of god . please, please ,please , put a  FULL STOP to this tradition.  

  147. spruce
    30 July, 2010, 16:48

    I am genuinely shocked and physically sickened by this wanten destruction of these majestic creatures. Are these people evil. By the look of it there seems to be a blood lust at play here. If they don’t stop they will be branded insane if not downright evil. How bad can the human race get? Vomit inducing.

  148. Pat Haden
    7 August, 2010, 18:16

    How sickening that human beings can do this, why can nobody stop this wicked act. The Whales and Dolphins don’t belong to the people on the Faroe Islands they are there for everyone to enjoy seeing them swimming and breeding in the ocean. Why does’nt Denmark step in and do something about it? STOP THIS WICKED ACT NOW.

  149. Lito Ablang
    24 August, 2010, 8:49

    Please stop killing these innocent and intelligent creatures. They’ve done nothing wrong to you, people of Faroe Denmark!!! Think about your actions. It doesn’t really make you a man to kill these creatures. What makes you a man is to stand up and do something to stop this nonsense. There are many ways to celebrate your tradition or culture.

    C’mon…We are MAN, we are intelligent beings we can think of many ways to avoid these gory traditions. We can just celebrate in the streets or plaza or wherever you want to. Just to STOP the killing. Same to the citizens of TAIJI Japan, who do exactly the same.

  150. Victor
    25 August, 2010, 9:11

    Most disgusting scenes. We can do something. Boycott everything Danish!! An embargo on Denmark. Then they will do something about it. Disgusting and retarded breed of people that should have been exterminated during WW2.

  151. Madhu
    1 September, 2010, 12:25

    Too shocked for words.

  152. Chan
    15 September, 2010, 13:43

    How can the world be silent on such horrendous action? Greenpeace, WWF and other animal activists! You are using our funds. We have donated so much to your organizations, and these hard core barberism should be your priority, not just recycling waste! The world populations and animals expect more from you to stop this. Preasurize these people, and stop their trade and benefits until they stop this practice. Please do something serious to show them that if they continue, that they are alone and lost!

  153. Isla S
    20 September, 2010, 22:10

    Absolutely agree with the above.  How come this has been kept so silent from animal rights organisations??  This is sooo sick and i am a utterly that this has continued a tradition for so many years.  Killer’s, murder’s, inhumane sick people. Something has to get done to protect these amazing and intelligent creatures.

  154. Rekha
    28 September, 2010, 14:55

    Atrocious.. humans have no limit to killing and eating!! Dolphins are very human friendly. I remember many true dolphin stories where dolphins saved many lives of humans putting their own on risk!! :cry: :cry: And these people behave this way!! They are not humans at all.. Must be ghosts!! :twisted:
    Media create such a fuss for all unnecessary things.. what are they doing to stop this???

  155. 29 September, 2010, 11:38

    I would understand if they killed a few for the sake of tradition, but killing so many is simply unnecessary and harmful. We have to encourage the minimizing of this tradition and a more humane killing since the dolphins have no say in this. To completely erase it is to be insensitive to those who truly value the tradition and to do nothing would leave the dolphins in a state of vulnerability. BTW sacrifices in Mexico were an honor to the Gods AND the WILLING sacrifice. There is no comparison. Besides, they were few and far in between.

  156. nodlungq
    5 October, 2010, 16:22

    Hmm i wonder how whale tastes. srsly how is killing whales for food different from killing cows/chickens and pigs for food?

  157. Quincy
    11 October, 2010, 13:33

    This is one of their traditions. You have no right to judge.Tons of animals are slaughtered for food. But no one really pays attentions to that. The only reason you are so out raged is because it is a whale rather than a fish or a chicken or pig or anything else. At least they use the whales and ear their meat and use the fat. They could just kill them for fun and not use the bodies for anything.

  158. 11 October, 2010, 14:05

    @Quincy – I am the author of this post.

    your opinion is misleading. Chickens, fish and pigs and other poultry and livestock for that matter are raised domestically for that purpose — food.

    that is the proper thing to do. We only eat what is allowed to us by nature to eat. God has given us the capacity to raise them domestically. Now this capacity is limited because not all animals exist and live for being man’s food. They belong to the greater purpose of maintaining the food chain, not in farms but in the wild. If one of these animals who are responsible in balancing the eco system and food cycle becomes extinct, the food chain will be disrupted.

  159. yadira
    16 October, 2010, 1:02

    :cry:I’m schok This is so sick and i am a utterly that this has continued a tradition for so many years. Murder’s, sick people. Something has to get done to protect these pretty and intelligent creatures. This is Horribleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I hate this people with all my heart .

  160. Bekuretsion Fesshaye
    28 October, 2010, 4:47

    They are doing the wish and desire of their Gods Greed and Cruelty.

  161. omg
    28 October, 2010, 8:56

    dam wat happened to denmrk

  162. darkangelid
    31 October, 2010, 4:43

    I am not judging them for there tradition and i also understand that you can kill a fish for surviving, but people this is not for surviving, this is a massacre. Stabbing a dolphin several times. drag it to the sour and only after that you kill it, I cal it a crime. Meany off you i see that confuse a chicken, pigs, and other brainless animal with intelligent animals like whale and dolphin, so if you are not a psycho you will understand the differences.
    Witchcraft was also a tradition but people joined together and stopped the afoul crimes. This is what we have to do, we have to fiat this massacres

  163. Hilda
    12 November, 2010, 21:40

    I cannot believe how uncivilized people you are what a reflection of the danish people I am boycotting all Danish products as i don’t want to be involved with murders the shit of those dolphins you killed are better then all of you TFOU!

  164. José Colón
    2 December, 2010, 18:44

    In there is a video of this masacre where aparently one of the dolpins was pregnant. Once the mother dolphin is dead they openned the belly and killed the baby dolphin who aparently was ready to be born.

  165. Rocky
    3 December, 2010, 9:18

    :-x GRRR!!!! di na ako maliligo sa dagat! and may the Lord punish them :cry:

  166. chloe
    5 December, 2010, 3:13

    we have to end this now , it’s disgusting , or it will be too late to save them as there wont be any around.

  167. Mirjam
    6 December, 2010, 3:44

    where are greenpeace and WWF? This really has to stop!!!

  168. Anna
    8 December, 2010, 0:15

    I’m shocked to see these pics, please STOP it’s disgusting :cry:

  169. 8 December, 2010, 17:17

    kawawa naman ang mga pilot whales ni massacre lng nila
    there so pathetic!!!! :-x why did they do that
    i think that won’t be called a tradition
    para silang descendant ni satan

  170. aprilrain
    8 January, 2011, 18:46

    This is so awful!! There is NO EXCUSE for this. I hope these people get sick & die from the meat. :

  171. carlos pena
    18 February, 2011, 21:14


  172. holly louise
    25 February, 2011, 22:01


  173. Celine
    4 March, 2011, 21:07

    MURDER!!! MURDER!!!  :-x :-x :-x

  174. 9 March, 2011, 17:30

    Indeed…where are Greenpeace, WWF, and UN? This really has to stop!!!
    :twisted: :?: :!:
    this is more than words…beyond Barbarism with a human face! :?: :!: :!:
    Hilda my friend I do Totally agree with you :”I cannot believe how uncivilized people you are what a reflection of “the Danish” people!!!??? I am boycotting all Danish products as i don’t want to be involved with murders the shit of those dolphins you killed are better then all of you!!!? TFOU!”

  175. Paul Macal
    17 March, 2011, 12:55

    These EVIL DANES should burn in hell!! What a primitive, cruel and barberic nation. Shame on you DENMARK!!! The World HATES you with passion for these shameless crimes to those poor dolphins and whales. One day you’ll pay for this!

  176. Julius
    23 March, 2011, 20:11

    We do not kill dolphins ? only whales. and no whale is left to rot, thats a lie, i all my long 19 years on the Faroe islands, i have never seen any whale left behind to rot.
    This is very rare. We don’t go out to the sea’s and hunt whales. they swim and get lost between our islands, then when someone see’s them, we go out and lead them to the shore, and there we execute them, they do not suffer a painfull death, they die right away.
    No it’s not a tradition, we are lucy if we see these whales 1 a year. this i really rare.
    And we all love their meat, its a way of life for us.

    It’s not as brutal as it’s made out to be.
    I understand you. it looks very brutal, but it isn’t.

    Im proud of being from the Faroe Islands.

  177. Laura
    6 April, 2011, 17:55

    It’s interesting how outraged people are about this tradition, yet people are able to shrug off what Japan does to dolphins in much larger quantities and more frequently. I’m not validating this tradition, I think it is horrendous. But, there are other countries committing worse acts that deserve our outrage before Denmark deserves it.

  178. Grosu Dumitru
    13 May, 2011, 1:40

    Grosu Dumitru – Br?ila – ROMANIA – aceasta este dovada ca omul are in sânge gena crimei; ca este cel mai crud animal de pe Pamânt iar asa-zisa civilizatie a unora este doar o spoiala: tinerii danezi dovedesc nu curaj ci barbarie, cruzime care intrece tot ceea ce pot suporta ochiul si mintea omeneasc?!
    Ce face regina Danemarcei? „Suge” din pipa!!!
    Si doarme dupa ce a privit astfel de orori petrecute sub „nasul” ei „civilizat” !?!?
    Rusine tie, regina a Danemarcei!!!
    Si tie, guvern danez!!!
    Si tie, popor danez!!!
    Si tie, omenire, daca stii despre aceste fapte si le tolerezi!!!

  179. Elizabeth
    19 May, 2011, 4:16

    Just horrible!!!! What makes these so terrible is the way they kill them. If these people from Denmark are hungry, why kill them this way, making it a sport!!!!!!!! This should stop!!!!

  180. elizabeth
    19 May, 2011, 4:18

    KILLERS!!!!!!!! :twisted:

  181. ARK
    17 July, 2011, 13:21

    Nuke the faroe islands..

  182. Challenger
    17 July, 2011, 15:44

    Im from Denmark and was shocked to learn this was going on. Yes the Faroe Islands are as independent as Greenland. Yes our goverment do financially and educational support those countries.
    I can assure you, that the majority of Denmark (not faroe island/greenland) would NEVER kill a whale. The general public just dont know this is going on. Last last year a Finback whale has stranded in the waters just off the Vejle Fjord coast. We did alot to save it and it was also on National News TV.

    Imo. best hope to end this are to get these killings at Faroe Islands into the mainstream media in Denmark. I sincerely apologize that our goverment are suporting this country. :(

  183. 19 July, 2011, 22:37

    please stop killing them god created smart animals like people have mercy to that dolphins and whale your a barbarians like the people of japan your place will have bad karma like japan for what they done to the dolphins they killed…bad karma will hit your place 

  184. fear
    29 July, 2011, 17:22

    all those bloody ******* who kills these innocent animals will end up in hell. You son of a ***** Denmark dont u have any sort of feelings ?

  185. Amanda
    7 August, 2011, 6:26

    Utterly disgusting. You sick, sick human beings. Not even humans. Evil, stupid, bastards. 

  186. Deus
    13 September, 2011, 3:27

    Tradition!!!!!!!! are out of your mind!!!!! wake up! 
    i am in shock!
     from now on my tradition will be beating up some faroe people, whenever i see some!

  187. Helena
    8 October, 2011, 0:21

    This is only propaganda from animal rights activists!! The Faroese does´nt kill dolphins! They hunt whales as they have always do. It´s very well regulated an there are special laws how everything is to be. They only hunts whales that are coming in to fjords by themselves. And they are only allowed to hunt a given number every season. The slaughter of the whales is very specialized to make the killing as fast as possible and they are only allowed to use special tools to do it. The killing take 1-2 second. This feed the Islanders with 1/4 of their meet during the year. Nothing is left when every citizens got their part as assumed here. TWO QUESTIONS TO ALL OF YOU! DO YOU EAT MEAT, OR PIG OR CHICKEN? DO YOY KNOW HOW THE SLAUGHTERING OF THESE ANIMALS IS? These animals are gathering in trucks who drives them several miles for severals ouhrs before they are coming to the slaughtery. If you take 100 cows and slaughter them in water it will of course be the same amount of blood. They are hanging up and down before slaughtering. I can´t see any difference. One thing I can´t understand is why lots of you implicate God into this. The Faroese people are maybe the most christian people on earth. They are very warm people and tourists that come to the islands call it paradise on earth. There is almost no criminality everyone have their doors open and you can have your keys in your car and they are very welcoming to all people who come to their homes. Don´t judge before you know all facts of this

  188. Helena
    8 October, 2011, 1:12

    One more things Faroe Islands is not near to Denmark they belong to Denmark but lay in the middel of the atlantic ocean between Iceland, Norway and GB. They have their own parlament and their own language. They have never been in any war and they don´t have death penalty. :wink: The people there is well educated and amongst the kindest and warmest people on earth. Take care of you and God bless you.

  189. helena
    8 October, 2011, 3:53

    I have this day put really facts of wath is really going on In Faroe Islands the paradise on earth with the kindest warmest christian people that lives there. But obviously you took my comments away. WHY ARE you afraid of the true of the whale hunting.? Why do you still have this propaganda on your wall?
    Take care God bless you!

  190. mairishia"
    9 November, 2011, 17:47

    :twisted: mga taong yan manhid..”

  191. 11 November, 2011, 3:44

    They are complete sick…

  192. Bop
    11 November, 2011, 11:19

    now somebody should start to slaughter the villagers so they can feel what they do. Tradition? What a stupid excuse

  193. Bop
    11 November, 2011, 11:23

    helena you mean special tools ? like kick in the hook with a wellington into the whale ? or using a machete to hit as many times as possible ? i’ve seen the videos. There are children running around and watching all that. Sick society, sick tradition. You should all be closed behind bars

  194. Pam
    11 November, 2011, 20:00

    guess waht DENAMRK PEOPLE… you have the most childish minds here on earth..! no killing of another animal can be a proof for you manhood..! dusgusting tradition you have there.

  195. dolphins
    11 November, 2011, 21:16

    please stop killing dolphins……. :cry:

  196. Tina Börjesson
    13 November, 2011, 2:36

    I can´t find words! Ther are NO excuses for killing!!!

  197. mya
    2 December, 2011, 11:30

    for me there’s no words enough to describe what kind of people they are.. all i can do for now is to gave a pray for those people.. they don’t know what they’re i wish for a day.. that they will also experienced such pain..

  198. mai
    3 January, 2012, 20:42

    :evil: those people are freakin dumb…

  199. mai
    3 January, 2012, 20:49

    are they really on their minds when they are doing this? i think they need a psychiatrist….. :oops:

  200. Maraiah
    23 January, 2012, 12:14

    I do agree on the idea that its disgusting that people in Denmark killing these whales and such. I dont like that at all.
    But i have to admit that i can’t be so egotistical in my own view because, these are animals..and yet we eat animals and accept farmers to slaughter cows and fish and other poultry..
    so does it ever occur to you that know, killing these whales/dolphins.. before people start saying a bunch of things like “these people are cruel” , “they have no moral sense”, “why are they killing these innocent animals” …. umm… well we eat animals, we let people slaughter cows, some countries slaughter/eat EELS or TURTLES or EVEN DOGS.. so how is that any different from these people eating &slaughtering dolphins? .. i know that theres many obvious answers that people can say which can be true.. but think about it before you start saying that these people are cruel (even though i believe they are)… we are killing/eating animals we can’t just be hypocrites about it..

  201. Maraiah
    23 January, 2012, 12:21

    && also just replying to a comment when some said “THESE POOR ANIMALS HAVE DONE NOTHING TO DESERVE THIS!” ………umm kay buddy , theres billions of animals out there that we ourselves take for granted & we accept to eat them and slaughter them.. &those other animals that we eat, dont deserve it either… 
    of course you have every right to say what you have to say, but at the same time you can’t just be a close-minded person … think about it before becoming a hypocrite ..

  202. 23 January, 2012, 19:23

    @Maraiah. I already answered this kind of argument. You can read my reply above.

    but think about it before you start saying that these people are cruel (even though i believe they are)…

    You are contradicting yourself. You should make up your mind.

  203. Robin
    26 January, 2012, 7:46

    Killing is Killing and it needs to be stopped,those lovable creatures need the law on their side to protect them,there should be no such thing called tradition with killing!!

  204. Robin
    26 January, 2012, 7:52

    There is a difference/Some kill to eat..Others  like these ppl are killing to prove young teens to become adults.That’s the sick and twisted and most of all disturbing thing I have ever heard 

  205. violet09
    3 April, 2012, 19:22

    Stuipdtiy of a TRADITION REPRESENTS STUPIDITY of its PEOPLE. Shame on you Faroe islanders, you do this to prove your strong enough but what ypu’ve guys shown is an act of cowardness for killing such innocent lives of this young helpless whales. The level of your race shows the smallest level ad degree of a human being, you’re even worse than those uneducated civilized people, they are a hundred times higher than you, You Faroe people is the shame of our present generation you don’t have a face to sow your children and grad daughters for this at of immorality you’ve showing, killing a whale is no difference in killing a person, both are “mammals”, both are “warm BLOODED”, both has their”hearts beating”..  both has a” LIFE”, and both were ” CREATIONS of GOD”. SHAME ON YOU FAROE ISLAND PEOPLE. I’m calling every person int the world and all the animal and environment activists. THIS SHOULD BE STOPPED!, WE CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE OF INNOCENT LIFE KILLING just for a non-sense STUPID, BARBARIC, IDIOTIC TRADITION! JUSTICE should be DONE. And this FAROE ISLAND people deserves to have THE CONSEQUENCES UPON THEIR CRUEL ACTS and they should be HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. they  should be PUNISHED upon this long-term killing. IT is the most degrading Act and one of the most degrading level of a person. Shame on you all Faroe islanders who actively and anjoyably engaged in this unrighteous act. Fear God above all.

  206. Cynthia
    19 May, 2012, 14:32

    The most well known Doctor od Mental health can tell you that a person that kills or tortures animals can also turn into a serial murderer.I believe this whole country or the Faroe Island people are all very MENTALLY ILL……VERY MENTALLY ILL AND HAVE NO REGARD FOR ANY OTHER LIVNG BREATHING BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thay are MONSTERS

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