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Blog Prayer Brigade for the future President of the Philippines

Posted by on Saturday, November 22, 2008, 14:25
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It was just an Idea that turned into an advocacy. Dfish pitched the Idea to me of having a prayer blog brigade for the coming 2010 Philippine Presidential election. Before I even read his proposal on my blog entry, Kengkay, Utoy, IFM, Amor, and Chuvaness has readily showed interest in the project. It was too late to back out from this noble project because even before it started there is already a handful of people who are willing to join this noble cause. So here it is, the fruit of our brainstorming: The Blog Prayer Brigade for the future election of the 2010 President of the Philippines. This is not only for Christians but also for Moslems, Buddhists and other religions (except of course for atheists and those trying hard wannabes out there who deny the concept of spirituality, this is not for you! haha). So how can we participate in this project?

Pure and simple. Just write and compose a short or long prayer and then publish it on your blog together with the rules which you will copy below and paste on your blog verbatim (word for word).

The Prayer can be written and be in multimedia form. Here is my own prayer for the coming elections.

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  1. 22 November, 2008, 17:37

    okey to… sasali ko…

  2. 23 November, 2008, 2:16

    andaya, anim lang? hehehe…

    seriously, i’m starting it tonight. God bless!

    brotherutoys last blog post..KATAKAWAN is a four-letter word?

  3. 23 November, 2008, 8:42

    okay sabi mo yan ha.

    bluepanjeets last blog post..Stranger than fiction

  4. 23 November, 2008, 8:43

    haha pampito ako LOL

    bluepanjeets last blog post..Stranger than fiction

  5. 23 November, 2008, 9:08

    what a blast this sunday, bluep…what can i say, the Spirit is moving…

    Dfishs last blog post..NOTY – Kaabag sa Misyon I

  6. 25 November, 2008, 7:52

    go go go! I’m excited!

    ifoundmes last blog post..quoting dawson?s creek

  7. 25 November, 2008, 8:28

    Yep. Thanks for this great idea of yours.

    bluepanjeets last blog post..Stranger than fiction

  8. 25 November, 2008, 8:29

    LOL pointer’s sisters!

  9. 25 November, 2008, 16:39

    ano ba yun, medyo nalito ako dun sa mga copy and paste at logos, hehehe… pero sempre sali ako. ngayon pa lang alam kong magiging successful itong campaign na ito — mananalo ang tunay na para sa mga pinoys sa sunod na eleksyon!

    kengkays last blog post..papano ba gumamit ng tabo?

  10. 27 November, 2008, 19:14

    im with you :)

    blooms last blog post..bro. pre. tol. dre. WHATEVER!

  11. 27 November, 2008, 23:05

    Sali ako! Nilagay ko na ung badge natin sa sidebar ko. Pero ung prayer pwede bang nde muna isulat? Wala pong time eh. Pero magpray na ko starting tonight. Pwamis.


    Jorge (Master Ooqay)s last blog post..Belated Happy Birthday Bosing!!

  12. 28 November, 2008, 23:06

    ngek! wala akong parol! pedeng muka ko na lang? lagyan nang xmas ribbon? acceptable na ba yon? haha

  13. 30 November, 2008, 9:51

    I congratulate you for your concern, as convincing all Pinoy bloggers to unite to pray for a good cause means you are a good citizen.

    This is not just about religion and prayers, this is about faith and unity.

    I may not be able to join this meme, but deep in my heart I will sincerely pray that our next leader can be a better one.


    Angel Cualas last blog post..I won a Problogger Book by sharing the Best Blogging Tip

  14. 1 December, 2008, 2:15

    Salamat. Ang ganda ng prayer mo Bluep, pati yung melody. Comment ulit ako dito kapag nagawa ko na.

  15. 3 December, 2008, 19:06

    joined the brigade.. will be posting my entry tomorrow…

  16. 6 December, 2008, 3:46

    Hoy kuya bluep! Pede akong sumali dito?!

  17. 6 December, 2008, 13:11

    Hi! Tag posted here:

    Thanks po.

    Mommy Elvzs last blog post..Blog Prayer Brigade

  18. 6 December, 2008, 19:58

    saludo ako sa iyo kaibigan!

    Flows last blog post..Vote for teh Best Website in the Entertainment Category

  19. 7 December, 2008, 15:49

    thanks so much for initiating this prayer brigade. i would be glad to join.

  20. 7 December, 2008, 23:26

    hehe ako din nalilito buti nga kamo mami kengs eh naisulat ko pa eh ahaha. salamat sa iyong pagpapaunlak. Lumalkaganap na sya kapatid. ang gaganda ng mga panalangin nila.

    bluepanjeets last blog post..Black Saturday is for Catholics, Black friday is for shoppers and Cyber Monday is for Cyborgs

  21. 7 December, 2008, 23:27

    Avril Lavigne? :razz:

    anyhow thanks. God Bless

  22. 7 December, 2008, 23:27

    Master Ooqay. Salamat sa pagsali. May utang pa ako sayo na dalaw sa bahay nyo ni boni. tapusin ko lang mga backlog ko hehe

  23. 7 December, 2008, 23:28

    haha bakit naman parol kapatid? LOL

  24. 7 December, 2008, 23:30

    Thanks angle, this is actually Dfish’s Idea and not mine. I’m just an instrument of his very creative mind.

    That’s true. This transcends religion and dialect thats why this is good for all of us because as one nation, we should all be praying for our country.

    Thanks for praying. I know that God will hear our prayers.

    bluepanjeets last blog post..Black Saturday is for Catholics, Black friday is for shoppers and Cyber Monday is for Cyborgs

  25. 7 December, 2008, 23:31

    Kapatid inabot nga ako ng syam syam sa pag gawa ng prayer haha. halatang di sanay.

    The instrumental song is actually as lyrical song with a title “in Him Alone”. kanta kapatid yan sa simbahan tuwing misa

  26. 7 December, 2008, 23:32

    Hello Fjords. Thanks for joining. I’ll gather them soon.

  27. 7 December, 2008, 23:33

    Oo sali ka dali. Alam ko naman kung sino ang iyong manok haha. Pero let us pray that God’s will be done.

  28. 7 December, 2008, 23:33

    Hello Mommy Elves, thanks for taking aprt in this wonderful project. I will gather your prayers soon.

    God Bless and keep on praying.

  29. 7 December, 2008, 23:35

    Salamat Kapatid. This is DFish Idea. WE are actually seven who came up with this project. The credit is not mine alone.

    Thanks for dropping by and jhope to hear from you again soon.

  30. 7 December, 2008, 23:36

    Ngayon pa lang nagpapasalamat na ako Melody sayo. Hope you can spread this Brigade to our brothers and sisters, including the moslems, baptists at kung ano anong religion. Let us unite in prayer as one nation.

    bluepanjeets last blog post..Black Saturday is for Catholics, Black friday is for shoppers and Cyber Monday is for Cyborgs

  31. 8 December, 2008, 11:22

    I joined your worthy cause!

  32. 10 December, 2008, 17:10

    Ngayon lang ako nakapag post.

    Kanta pala sa church yan, nahahalata tuloy na di ako laging nagsisimba.

    Amors last blog post..Blog Prayer Brigade for the future President of the Philippines

  33. 10 December, 2008, 17:41

    haha maganda lyrical version nyan pag papakinggan mo.

    bluepanjeets last blog post..High and Mighty

  34. 10 December, 2008, 17:45

    Hello Kevin.

    Thanks for Joining this cause.

    I just want to remind everybody that the Prayer is not intended for a “Specific” candidate that we are supporting. The Prayer is intended to ask God to put a Leader which he wills. To pray for a specific candidate to be the next President of the Philippines is I think a project belonging to another “kind of cause and not suited for this project”. It actually defeats the whole purpose if we will use this noble project for the benefit of the politicians we support. Let this project be not identified with any Politicians or any Presidential candidate

    bluepanjeets last blog post..High and Mighty

  35. 27 December, 2008, 11:09

    Sali ako diyan. I’ll place the logo in the side bar and I’ll write the prayer probably next week. Kudos sa mga nag-isip nito. This is coool.

    sassy moms latest blog entry..For Christmas comes but once a year…

  36. 7 January, 2009, 14:53

    nalito ako sa mga copy and paste na, i’ll just put the badge sa sidebar ko…mas madali…hehehe

    Bo Karloss latest blog entry..Commentary: Every Filipino has a role to play in making aspirations for the country come true

  37. 9 January, 2009, 10:07

    wow..astig to. maganda at makabuluhan. mabuhay ka kaibigan

    elis latest blog entry..sketches

  38. 19 January, 2009, 11:24

    joining in… God bless you all!

    ariess latest blog entry..Prayer Brigade for 2010 Elections

  39. 27 January, 2009, 9:20

    Just did mine today :)

    honeys latest blog entry..My Blog Prayer Brigade

  40. 5 February, 2009, 0:15

    sali ako dyan sympre,
    pero banner muna lagay ko ah, post ko bukas entry ko…


    jezs latest blog doesn’t matter

  41. 17 February, 2009, 14:41

    i have published my prayer in support of your advocacy… :wink:

  42. 22 February, 2009, 10:18

    Bro, sali rin ako dyan…
    and more power!!!

    Mabuhay ang Pinas! Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy Bloggers!

    jhongmeds latest blog entry..Qlick Tips and Tricks #01 (in Google Slides)

  43. 12 March, 2009, 16:14

    hi ulit… eto nga pala ‘yung link sa aking artikulong laan para sa 2010 elections


    salamat ulit ^_^

  44. 15 May, 2009, 19:23

    Hello I just posted my Blog Prayer Brigade entry.

    Enchies latest blog entry..Blog Prayer Brigade for the 2010 Presidential Election

  45. 17 May, 2009, 16:25

    Hi. I’m Mr. JuanStep; I’m one of the people like you who wants to have CHANGE in this country. I’ve just posted my Blog Prayer Brigade Entry. It’s my latest blog entry as of now – Blog Prayer Brigade Entry

    Mr. JuanSteps latest blog entry..Blog Prayer Brigade

  46. 19 May, 2009, 14:24

    updated na po ang banner code ng “Silip…”

    salamat-salamat sa pag-add ng aking blog sa listahan ng mga sumali ^_^

  47. 19 May, 2009, 19:20

    salamat tol. actually pito kami na nagsimula nito

  48. 19 May, 2009, 19:20

    we will wait for your entry melody

  49. 19 May, 2009, 19:22

    Thanks for Joining Juan Step. You are already linked. God bless our country

  50. 19 May, 2009, 19:22

    your welcome violet. spread the word so that we can gather more prayers

  51. Mr. JuanStep
    21 May, 2009, 8:59

    Check out my latest blog entry. It is a motivating story of an ant who became king. Its title is . Please leave comments. Thanks.

    Hello Juan. You must read my comment policy because you are violating my hospitality. This blog has already a plugin which allows you to feature your recent post without even trying. Spamming my blog with your articles is totally unethical as a blogger. With this I may have to block you.

  52. brotherutoy
    24 May, 2009, 6:30

    di ako maalam magpalit ng banner code…

    alam mo, madaming nagrespond dito pero di naman naggawa ng link. ewan ko, kakasuya.

    uy, pauwi na ako.ü lapit na!

  53. 30 May, 2009, 17:47

    Hi, I joined this brigade and have posted my prayer here.

    cheesecakepois latest blog entry..Blog Prayer Brigade for 2010 Presidential Election

  54. 1 June, 2009, 19:15

    hOoOoYYyyyy SAli aQ…,

    jasonizerss latest blog entry..Back To School 2009

  55. 6 June, 2009, 23:43

    I have joined the brigade :)

    here’s my prayer

    Yedys latest blog entry..Blog Prayer Brigade for the future President of the Philippines

  56. 12 June, 2009, 22:20

    :Pi have published my prayer in support of your advocacy.
    im already spread this Brigade to my co-workers, friends, associate, family friend,schoolmate, including the the filipino abroad . yes we can – macky

    mackys latest blog entry..Prayer for the 2010 Philippines Presidential elections -

  57. 12 June, 2009, 22:21

    hello please check my blog… nag pray din po ako…

    Josephs latest blog entry..Blog Prayer Brigade for the future President of the Philippines

  58. 4 August, 2009, 16:59

    Thanks for the opportunity. Kakasali ko lang. The idea and intention are both really great. I’ve just posted our own family prayer. Please find time to check it out:

    Again, thanks and God bless the Filipinos, the Philippines!

  59. 9 August, 2009, 14:04

    :wink: okie na po napost ko na po sa blog kuh. ito ang link.. thanks…

  60. 10 August, 2009, 16:36

    Hello Jason, Please include a prayer on your post. that’s the objective

  61. 10 August, 2009, 16:37

    hello Yedy, added already on the links

  62. 10 August, 2009, 16:37

    hello macky, your post is missing

  63. 10 August, 2009, 16:38

    Jospeh, that was a beautiful prayer. done. added already

  64. 10 August, 2009, 16:38

    Hello Myraione. I read the prayer. It was full of sincerity. Added already your links

  65. 10 August, 2009, 16:39

    Petitay, yep I already added you to the list. Thanks for joining and keep praying

  66. 10 August, 2009, 22:24

    Hello bluepanjeet,

    Thanks for the links. just followed you and joined your community. thanks again.

    please always feel free to read my posts.

    GOD bless us.

  67. 11 August, 2009, 14:57

    Hi! Nakagawa na ako ng prayer at napublish ko na, gusto ko lang sabihin na maganda ang naisip mo na to at sana marami ang sumali…I just hope na sana nga this time tamang presidente na mapili at manalo ng umunlad naman ang Pilipinas…….

  68. 17 September, 2009, 5:20

    :wink: i just posted a blog about this.. i am participating to this advocacy..
    .-= darqueangel´s last blog ..Prayer for the Peaceful and Righteous Presidential Election =-.

  69. 20 October, 2009, 13:33

    nice idea po! sna sa mga dalal ntin mging kalinisan at katiwasayan ang hala2n ..btw ganda ng banner/foster

  70. 18 November, 2009, 12:18

    Hi! I just published my prayer. I truly admire this advocacy.

  71. 18 November, 2009, 12:29

    Hello Dennis.

    Thanks for joining this cause. I’ll update the links later. God Bless

  72. 26 November, 2009, 17:43

    G’evening bluepanjeet!

    Thanks for initiating this prayer brigade. I just published my prayer and have also placed it on my blog’s sidebar.

    Have a great night and GOD bless!

  73. 27 November, 2009, 16:04

    I’ll start my prayers tom…

  74. 28 November, 2009, 9:36

    Good Day po sa inyo…maganda po ang hangarin ng Brigade na ito. I decided to Join and already published my prayer here

    we all hope the election 2010 will be cleaner and transparent…

  75. 17 December, 2009, 8:33

    count me in, I truly support this prayer brigade. I’ve informed friends and family already ;)

  76. myfingersRtyping
    17 December, 2009, 11:26
  77. 23 January, 2010, 16:44

    Galing ng nag isip nito! Pray for the better Philippines!!!

  78. 27 January, 2010, 11:27

    pwede pa po ba ilagay yun badge sa sidebar ng website ko??

    nilagay ko na pala ehhh.. sinusuportahan ko po sa panalangin ang campaign na ito

    pero yun prayer po sa blog dipa ako nakakasulat…

  79. 22 February, 2010, 21:23

    Kami rito sa Emerald Bukal ay sumusporta sa isang mapayapang eleksyon. Ginawa ko na ang paggawa ng isang panalangin at inilagay ang OATH

  80. 22 February, 2010, 21:53

    Ito po ang link na may panalangin para sa kapayapaan ng 2010 elctions.

  81. 1 March, 2010, 0:56

    I joined in this brigade and I hope the prayer which I posted in my blog is considered a prayer for the coming election. Thank you.

  82. 10 March, 2010, 21:21

    Definitely Yes, I’ll also join this blog prayer brigade… This is one great way to ask for His guidance for the coming election… Very much appreciated…
    Para sa Iyo Bayan Ko

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