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Green Polar Bears raised concerns among visitors

Posted by on Friday, September 12, 2008, 19:17
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Three polar bears in Japan’s Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens has raised concerns among the visitors. Apparantly, the Immaculate white fur cover of three polar bears have turned into green and alerted some officials that they my be sick or something. But zoo official Masami Kurobe said that the green covering of the polar bears began to surface last July of this year when the bears began swimming in a pond were an overgrowth of Algae is present. Many visitors asks if the algae is not a threat to the bears’ health. The management re-assures that the white fur of the Polar bears will go back to normal on mid November when algae can no longer live in the cold temperatures of winter. The management also added that it is very hard for them to remove the green stains from the hollow spaces of the bears’ fur because of its difficulty to be rinsed off. But rest assured that the shock among visitors would not cause an increasing alarm among Animal Rights Activists. The Bears are perfectly safe from harm. High temperatures during July and August rendered the cold pool to be algae infested because of less changes of water. We can aptly remember that the Polar bear has been recently considered as a significant indicator of the status of Global Warming on the planet and somehow this may caused the people’s shock and panic.

Japan Green Bear


Japan Green Bear

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