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11 Largest Shopping Malls in the World and 4 of them are in the Philippines

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Posted by on Monday, September 1, 2008, 22:58
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largest-malls-in-the-worldWho says that the Philippines is getting poorer each day? Did you know that four out of the eleven Largest Shopping Malls in the world are in the Philippines? Since the 90′s Filipinos have shifted their weekends into a mall mongering event for the Family. It has become part of the urban lifestyle wherein every family try their best to escape the heat and pollution of the outside world by going to malls and spending quality time with their kids in the the commercial landscapes of the Country. Malls have become a gigantic community center for every Filipinos where every conceivable family activity is available from Sunday Mass to indoor theme parks and rides all in one roof. As of 2008, Forbes listed the 10 World’s Largest Malls in the world, most of them Located in Asia and the eleventh spot surprisingly belongs also to the Philippines.

largest shopping malls in the world

The rank is based on the GLA (Gross Leasable Area) of every mall wherein the interior floor space are leased for retail shops, services, cinemas, restaurants and entertainments. The Greater the GLA, the Higher the Rank.

1. South China Mall
Location: Dongguan, China
Year Opened: 2005
Gross Leasable Area: 7.1 million square feet
In the Chinese mall arms race, this facility opened a year after the Golden Resources Mall to displace it as the country’s and the world’s largest. The space includes wind mills and theme parks, plus a replica of the Arc de Triomphe.





2. Golden Resources Shopping Mall
Location: Beijing, China
Year Opened: 2004
Gross Leasable Area: 6 million square feet
Not sprawling, this is a stacked-up five-story mall. Approximately 1,000 stores, selling plenty of familiar global brands like Nike and DKNY. A truly ambitious real estate project, with new apartments and offices, surround the mall. A tough location outside the heart of the city has resulted in disappointing traffic from foreign tourists.





3. SM Mall of Asia
Location: Pasay City, Philippines
Year Opened: 2006
Gross Leasable Area: 4.2 million square feet
Includes the first Olympic-sized swimming pool and first IMAX theater in the Philippines. Spread over four buildings, customers can get around on a 20-seat tram.





4. Cevahir Istanbul
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Year Opened: 2005
Gross Leasable Area: 3.8 million square feet
Europe’s largest shopping mall has a roller coaster, wave pool and several IMAX theaters.





5. West Edmonton Mall
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Year Opened: 1981
Gross Leasable Area: 3.8 million square feet
The biggest in North America, the West Edmonton Mall has over 800 stores, along with attractions like a water park, skating rink, casino and rides.





6. SM Megamall
Location: Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Year Opened: 1991
Gross Leasable Area: 3.6 million square feet
Fun stuff includes bowling, ice skating and a 12-cinema movie theater, along with traditional mall fare like arcade games. Customers can also get a haircut or see a doctor at the Manila clinic.





7. Berjaya Times Square
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Year Opened: 2005
Gross Leasable Area: 3.4 million square feet
Built with an adjacent hotel and convention center. In addition to over 1,000 retail shops, the mall includes a 12-story-high roller coaster, plus a pool, skating rink and “Cosmo’s World,” a children’s theme park.





8. Beijing Mall
Location: Beijing, China
Year Opened: 2005
Gross Leasable Area: 3.4 million square feet
The first real suburban mall in China, located about an hour from downtown Beijing, this center has four levels with parking for 8,000 cars, plus a man-made beach. Bootlegged DVDs of American movies are a top seller.





9. Zhengjia Plaza
Location: Guangzhou, China
Year Opened: 2005
Gross Leasable Area: 3 million square feet
Has been known to attract over half a million shoppers on a good day. Another mixed-use space, the mall has a hotel and office tower in addition to retail stores.





10. SM City North Edsa
Location: Quezon City, Philippines
Year Opened: 1985
Gross Leasable Area: 3 million square feet
The first major “mega mall” built by SM Prime Holdings, which now claims three of the largest 10 in the world. It’s a five-story complex that boasts over 100 retail outlets and restaurants, along with 12 cinemas, a bowling alley and skating rink. An IMAX theater could be added soon.





11. SM City Cebu
Location: North Reclamation Area, Cebu City Philippines
Year Opened: 1991
Gross Leasable Area: 2.9-million square feet
The first mall built outside Mega Manila that boasts trade halls, complex and large food courts




So the next time you go to an SM Mall, be proud, because they are one of the Largest and most elegant Mall in the world… (Obvious naman diba?)… Sana lang next time, we could be one of the largest economy in the world and not just in terms of Corruption hehe.

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  1. 4 September, 2008, 9:12

    kagagaling ko lng sa MOA nung isang araw… at madami pa nga ung bakanteng lote dun… may nakita pa akong naghuhukay ng lupa near iMax theater… tapos meron din sa kabilang side sa may tapat ng SMX… they just cant stop from building malls… hehehhe

    yatots last blog post..Featured Recipe: Instant Pancit Canton with a twist!

  2. 6 September, 2008, 1:39

    wait for the RE-opening of SM North EDSA :)

    SM holdings have an amazing construction company dont know who. until now im still thingking on how they did the SM MOA in just a little period of time, the first time i went there, its just a ground with a fence then a few months later, its there…its just like a mushroom (sumulpot na parang kabute)

    Jays last blog post..LP#23: Tanso (Copper)

  3. tata
    1 June, 2009, 9:00

    nahigitan na daw ng sm north edsa ang lawak ng sm mall of asia?

  4. eukadatotz
    7 March, 2010, 15:41

    hahaha… cant believe it! 2nd pala ang philippines na may pinakamadaming malalaking malls.. tnx t2 henry

  5. anthon
    20 July, 2010, 16:17

    nice list of bigesst malls in the world

  6. ardenzz
    30 July, 2010, 1:06

    A large sign board in Cagayan De Oro city stating : SOON TO RISE AYALA MINDANAO the biggest mall in mindanao soon AND possibly in the phillipines.

  7. 7 August, 2010, 10:07

    It remains to be seen though

  8. rowell
    14 August, 2010, 21:32

    hahahaha..kita u naman nu..nakakatuwa kahit papanu may ipagmamalaki ng PINAS..

  9. mori
    25 September, 2010, 18:36

    Actually, SM city North Edsa is now the largest shopping mall in the Philippines after undergoing a massive expansion and renovation. SM Megamall is the second but expansion is already on it’s way. Soon it will reclaim the title as the largest shopping mall in the Philippines.
    SM mall of Asia only comes in at third. haha

  10. jewar
    30 April, 2011, 9:54

    hmmm guys…you better watch out for SM MALL of the PHILIPPINES will soon to build in the heart of visayas CEBU CITY, it’s around 30 hectare MALL includes conventions centers, trade halls, theaters, entertainment, condominiums and residential towers, hotel towers, hospital building and school building. It will still placed top in the lists of biggest mall in the world for sure.

  11. rodel
    17 June, 2011, 23:14

    Who can say the Philippines is in the third world country if the four largest malls in the world can be found in the Pearl of the Orient? Something to be proud of!!!!!!!! We can have our extravagant shopping or luscious window shopping anytime we want to….. Thank you Mr. Henry Sy for building more malls across our country….. I hope someday I can be a successful businessman like you….. You are my idol….

  12. JJ
    9 August, 2011, 14:30

    hahaha! nasama pa ung SM Cebu pero  the actual size is much much larger than the picture. 

  13. rj
    25 September, 2011, 15:20


  14. jack
    12 February, 2012, 18:24


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