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Pagbilao Hopewell power plant in Quezon Province confronted by International Greenpeace activists

Posted by on Saturday, May 31, 2008, 22:36
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Hopewell power plant in Pagbilao Quezon was constructed to provide adequate energy for the province and the country. It is situated just a few kilometers away from our home and can even be seen in our terrace during the night. A few meters from the power plant premises is a white sand beach that is enveloped by big boulders that is why the waters there are unaffected by the nearby waste products of the plant. Recently, I was alarmed by the news that that Greenpeace international recently confronted Hopewell because of its continued use of coal as one of its main sources of power. I never thought that Greenpeace advocates would go to our province. I just used to watch them on TV and on their official site. Now their are on the land of my birth. Its so amazing watching these activists perform their volunteerism. They are so passionate in their convictions. I’m so glad that Greenpeace reached our shores because this power plant is really user friendly. Why? because the initial deal of the British Contractors with the municipal Government of Pagbilao is that Quezon province will benefit from the production of raw electricity. But sad to say, our electricity comes from the Kalayaan Power Plant in Laguna. That’s why when Kalayaan is down, we also suffer the same fate. Isn’t it ironic that we often get blackout where in fact one of the countries leading energy provider is just a stone’s throw away from our place?

The confrontation happened last May 24. There was tension because as soon as the Greenpeace activists arrived, the security vessel of the power plant was quick in shoving them away. But tinie-weenie vessel of hopewell was no match with Greenpeace Rainbow vessel. Below are some of the scenes last saturday exclusively seen here in OTWOMD.

Photos below are courtesy of Greenpeace Italia and Greenpeace Pilipinas (Southeast Asia)


Greenpeace activist having a briefing before taking their action.


The marine vessel of Grenpeace.


Activists from Greenpeace flagship, Rainbow Warrior, heads towards the Pagbilao coal power plant in Quezon province, around 300 kms south of Manila to take action.


Greenpeace flagship, Rainbow Warrior, anchors alongside MV Medi Firenze which unloads cargo at the Pagbilao coal power plant in Quezon province, around 300 kms south of Manila 23 May 2008. Greenpeace calls on the Philippine government to halt all coal plant projects and coal expansion. Burning coal heavily emits carbon dioxide, one of the major causes of climate change.








Private security from the Pagbilao coal-fired power plant in Quezon province, 150 kms from Manila, attempt to shove the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior away from it?s mooring position. The Rainbow Warrior has anchored alongside the coal-fired power plant since yesterday to expose how coal causes climate change and to send a message to the Philippines government that it should stop building and expanding harmful coal-fired power plants. The Pagbilao coal plant is one of nine currently in the government’s pipeline for either expansion or construction




Activists from Greenpeace flagship, Rainbow Warrior, paint “Quit Coal” on the hull of 223-meter ship MV Sam John Spirit standing by to unload its cargo at the Pagbilao coal power plant in Quezon province, around 300 kms south of Manila 24 May 2008.





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MV Sam John Spirit docks to unload coal at the Pagbilao coal-fired power plant in Quezon Province 150 kilometers south of Manila.





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