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PRC forms for renewal of PRC ID License for all OFW and Migrant Filipino professionals abroad

Posted by on Friday, May 9, 2008, 16:15
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Two weeks ago I was given the task by my sister to contact the PRC here in our province to renew her and her hubby’s License. So I phoned the PRC office and a staff there told me the details. She even told me to go online at the PRC official site to download the online form. But before she ended the conversation, an intriguing instruction caught my attention “Sir if you cannot download the form, just drop by here in our office and you can scan the form and send it you your sister”. Indeed I smell something was going on with her instruction so I went online ASAP and yes she was right, the infamous PRC official website is nowhere to be found. I tried googling the site, actually I have no idea if the site is on renovation or did they just vanished magically from the cyberspace. When my CIA and NBI skills paid off and found the site (It has an extra domain suffix at the end intended for site test), the link for the online form was incompetent like some of the PRC staff in Manila. The link was useless and you can’t even download the darn forms.

In dismay and utter disappointment for the incompetence of one of the most busiest (o busy-busihan) government branches of the Philippines, I went to the PRC office LIVE! I got this pink form which thanks be to God is not scented. I once again googled for answers and to my surprise in many of the nursing forums that I stumbled upon, there is one shout that echoes the cyberspace: PRC is Incompetent. An array of comments and clamor towards the service and their personnel bombarded the Philippine Regulations Commission. Some of the comments were atrocious (who can blame them?) and some are stories worth reading. So as a public service I decided to upload the forms of the PRC not only for my sister but for the whole migrant professionals who are having a hard time renewing their respective licenses. So below is the instruction on how to fill up, download and submit the requirements for your License renewal.

Prepare the following:

1. two pieces of your latest passport size photos of the renewee in white background and with name tag (full name) on the picture.

2. two xerox/photo copies of your recent PRC ID/ License front and back

3. Authorization letters for your representative in the PRC. Just to make sure, provide one authorization letter for application of renewal of license and one authorization letter for the actual redemption of your license. So that makes two. If your representative (the person who will apply for you) is not a professional licensed by the PRC meaning they have no license such as (a student, a blue collar worker, a military personnel, a casual employee in a government office etc) , a power of attorney is needed.

4. A renewal fee of P650 to P780. The fee depends on the months or years of lapse of validity of your license.

5. Special Mention: If you are going to take the NCLEX or similar examinations and your license is still in the process of renewal, make another two authorization letter, but this time for application of certification and redemption of certificate. The certification will prove that your license is being renewed. Fee ranges from P96 to P200. It is advised that two to three months prior to the expiration of your license, you should apply immediately so that you can avoid delays and penalty.

6. Download the PRC Form Here then fill out the form. The file is in Microsoft Word document because not all professionals are literate in adobe PDF files. Print the form then at the back of it, print the second page of the form. Then cut it into its original form size. PRC will not accept forms that are not within their size limit. That’s how OC they are there.

7. Mail via courier your filled up form (attached with the said requirements above) to your representative. It is best to send the documents via courier because postal services here in the Philippines are soooooooooo unreliable and soooooooooooooooooo slow!

8. Then wait for two months before your new ID is released. Yes two months… I know, don’t get me started on that.


For those who lost their Licenses (PRC ID) and wanted to renew them, please look for an old license or a back to back xerox copy of your old PRC license because they will require them from you. I askjed the rationale behind, they said that it will be easier for them to locate or validate your old license with the use of your old PRC ID. That is why do not throw your old IDs and Licenses because they will require them from you if you ever lost your recent ID.


The process is the same as the renewal of lost PRC License except that you have to indicate in the form the specific application you want and provide an affidavit of loss. Please also attach authorization letters to every transaction that your representative will do in the PRC office in your behalf. Proper requirements and documentation will lessen the delays and hassles to the already bombarded and incompetent PRC offices.


If your PRC ID/License was destroyed, mutilated or was soaked in a sulfuric acid (I’m exaggerating), please include the destroyed card in the requirements to be submitted. PRC staff are too paranoid and skeptic in believing that you will go through all the trouble of applying for another ID just to to bluff.

Below is a detailed run-through in filling up the form:

1. Make sure to check or tick the box on the upper left hand corner of the form. Specify if your license is for renewal, duplication, reprinting or change of name.

2. Attach on the upper right hand corner of the form, one of your passport size photo with name tag. The other copy of your photo is for the PRC staff use.

3. Fill up the form legibly with your name, mailing address and pertinent details of your License. Do not forget to sign the form with your signature on the space provided.

4. Do not fill in the boxes highlighted below. The PRC staff will be the one to fill those blanks.

5. Wait for the PRC staff to give you your claim stub. That stub bears the date when you can redeem your license. Tell also your representative to not lose this stub because PRC staff will not release your license if this stub is lost. When redeeming the license, tell your representative to attach the stub to your Authorization letter because they will ask for it upon redemption of your license.

6. At the back of your form, do not forget to sign it with your signature. Submit this fully filled up form with your photos, xerox copies of your license and other requirements mentioned above depending on the kind of application you are targeting.

If you have further questions, request or any suggestions to help Nurses and professionals renew their licenses without going into trouble of looking for answers on the web, just feel free to leave a message below leaving your true email address on the comments form so that I can personally contact you with your inquiry. Or subscribe to the comments subscription below so that you may be updated with the changes here . May this little run-through help you in renewing your licenses.

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  1. 10 May, 2008, 9:01

    hmmm… tamang tama ito kasi balak kong magrenew ng lisensya kong lampas dalawang taon nang expired. anlake siguro ng babayaran ko. salamat sa post mo, kapatid. dapat, may mga ganitong instruction ang gobyerno. hindi yung parang engot lagi akong palinga-linga at palipat-lipat ng windows sa munisipyo, sa NSO, sa LTO, etc.

    brotherutoys last blog post..My Top Five Coolest Low-Profile Chicks in the Old Testament

  2. 11 May, 2008, 21:36

    Ayan na nga ba! dapat may karatula yung website nila na “This is where your taxes go!” para naman mahiya sila sa mga balat nila. Sa buong panahon na iginugol ko sa pag-aasikaso ng aking mga papeles eh hindi ako nakaranas ng kaginhawahan sa bawat ahensiya ng pamahalaan. Grrr!

    mixgloriosos last blog post..Michael Jackson + Bollywood = dance dance revo!

  3. Glenni
    30 May, 2008, 6:38

    Hi, this is very useful information. I also cannot access the PRC website, how did you do it? Would you know where I can get the renewal form for the Manila PRC office? Thanks.

  4. 30 May, 2008, 6:44

    hello glenni. You can use the form above for manila offices. It doesn’t matter if the form says its from lucena office because they have the same format. they only differ in color. if you want print it in black and white then put a liquid paper on the word “LUCENA” on the claim stub so that when you submit the form and the PRC people tears it, they won’t ask you to go to LUCENA when you claim your ID. Pag naman sila nagreklamo pa dahil lang sa technicality ng form, ewan ko na.

    Or kung dito ka lang naman sa region4 (Calabarzon area), dito ka na sa Lucena mag-apply kasi di hamak na mas komportable kesa sa manila.

  5. 30 May, 2008, 6:47

    just download the form from the link I gave above. Hope you can renew you License.

  6. Glenni
    31 May, 2008, 6:05

    Ok, I’ll do that. Thanks!

  7. sr marie
    7 June, 2008, 16:32

    :grin: GREAT! Finally, i got the application form from you! Thank you so much and God bless you and your family!

  8. Ricky Dimayuga
    11 June, 2008, 14:07

    I found this very useful site when I googled “PRC Renewal Requirements”. The PRC official website is FOREVER inaccessible!

    Comment: I think the PRC Manila requires that the official photo be taken in one of the “authorized” (read as: may kotong?) photo booths inside the PRC complex. I think they want the logo of the PRC to appear in the picture.

    R. :)

  9. 11 June, 2008, 14:17

    Hello Ricky.

    I don’t know about that since they only allow photo be taken in their office when filing for a licensure exam and ID. I think PRC as a whole will not impose that because some of the professionals are not in the country. It would be very impractical for them to impose such profiteering. You can just pass a passport size photo with your name tag on it wherever it is taken as long as it is recent and has a white background for attachment on the renewal of license form.

    and you are right. The PRC website is so impotent that’s why I cam up with this public service.

  10. 11 June, 2008, 14:18

    Hello Sr. marie. Thank you so much. Pax et Bonum

  11. emms
    12 June, 2008, 14:28

    thanks for the info about prc license. how about the ptr (philippine tax registration)? kapag license ka na, need to be registered pa and pay for the tax? u know how can we apply for this? di ko kc ma makita sa mga govt website.

  12. emms
    12 June, 2008, 14:48

    sorry ptr (professional tax receipt)?

  13. Ricky Dimayuga
    12 June, 2008, 22:45

    Hi again! I just went to the PRC office today to have my ID renewed. Guess what? They didn’t honor the form I downloaded from your site. They have a “new” green form. In your detailed run-through #1, there is no longer a choice of “renewal”; it has been replaced with “Original ID”. Other than that, the “new” form is no different from the one you posted in this site.

    And by the way, the run-through #4 is NO longer true. They asked me to fill up all the blank spaces except the last two blanks (date when to claim and the window where to claim the ID).

    Any yes, they have an additional “form” to fill-up (1/4 bond paper stamped with some data you need to provide), with essentially the same data in the application form, but this one with a choice of “renewal”.

    Maybe next time, I will try the “PRC EXPRESS ID RENEWAL” service of LBC. Just call 02-8544848. It a door-to-door service. It will save me all the time lining up in PRC.

    Only in the PILApinas!

  14. 13 June, 2008, 6:55

    Hello Ricky

    Of course they won’t honor your form becuase uou are not renewing the license with a representative. Sa tagalog wala ka naman sa abroad. andito ka sa pinas. so ang punto ng PRC, andito ka na rin lang, gamitin mo na yung tamang form.



    Your LBC express padala feature is not even functional on the PRC website. Swerte ka nakapunta ka sa PRC Office, may LBC express padala ka, pano na yung iba na nasa abroad?

  15. marrisa
    18 June, 2008, 15:11

    hinanap ko nga thru google ang official web site ng PRC pero sabi… under construction daw. napansin ko lng, ilang months na yang ganyan eh…
    salamat nman at nakita ko site mo. many thanks for posting this one. when i renewed my license before (nung nasa pinas pa ako), ang maremember ko is may kanya kanyang kulay yata yong form sa ibat ibang profession ang i understand that this form that is available is for the registered nurse kasi nurse yong kapatid mo. anyway, the procedures that you have posted here ay malaking bagay na to sa akin. maraming salamat sa yo…

    GOD bless

  16. 18 June, 2008, 17:37

    hello marrisa

    nagtanong ako sa PRC about the multi-colored form for different professions pero sabi nila iisa na daw. kasi yun din alam ko nung nagrenew ako ng license. anyhow, maraming nagtatanong tungkol sa technicality ng form and i am always saying to them that PRC would not mind about the color or label of the forms (like the one above which is LUCENA) because you are from abroad. you can print the form in black and white if you want or put a liquid paper on the LUCENA label of the form because iisa naman daw ang format. as you can see wala naman naka specify kung pang nurse yung form. ang mahalaga ay yung format.

  17. marrisa
    18 June, 2008, 18:13

    thank you very much for the immediate reply.

    GOD bless

  18. badet
    19 June, 2008, 14:36

    Hullo! This piece is truly helpful. PRC website is forever under construction! I salute you for taking the time to post this very enlightening and instructive article.

    Thanks.. and hope you can post more of these.

  19. ched
    23 June, 2008, 17:00

    Ask ko lang, do I need to send my PRC card to the Philippines for renewal? Or photocopy of it is sufficient? Thank you.

  20. kaecie
    15 July, 2008, 14:08

    hi. thanks for this, kaya lang ang prob ko is ala akong MSWord (I know!!!).. can you send it to me na adobe format??? thanks… i really need this… hilo na ako sa kakahanap sa PRC site, na ala naman help… thanks again…

  21. mych
    19 July, 2008, 13:53

    Can anybody tell me how much is the renewal of prc id for nurses na hindi pa expire? Para lang more or less how much will I bring. And is it true na merong express id, wherein I will be there morning pa lang and in the afternoon kuha ko na ung id but definitely mas mahal un? do you know also how much is that service?
    Thank you for the help..

  22. 19 July, 2008, 20:19

    i passed the nle last given last dec. 2007. when can i get my prc card?

  23. 2 August, 2008, 18:10

    I will badet. Thnaks for the visit

  24. 2 August, 2008, 18:10

    Photocopy will do.

  25. 2 August, 2008, 18:11

    Hello Kaecie.

    Try downloading it from other PCs. Its hard to convert an ms word doc to PDF file.

  26. 2 August, 2008, 18:13

    I think I have written the answer above. Pakibasa na lang kapatid uli sa taas. baka naoverlook mo yung amount. Regarding sa express, its supposed to be double the price plus the shipping and handling costs

  27. 2 August, 2008, 18:14

    ang tagal na.. dapat after pa lang ng oath taking nyo eh nakuha mo na. You should follow it up o the PRC office where you registered for the exam

  28. archie
    9 August, 2008, 10:32

    sana po wag nyo nang alisin sa web site ang good news na to. You are indeed a professional.
    Next month po kasi alis ko and my prc license need to be renewed on october thanks for everything. God bless. :razz:

  29. 9 August, 2008, 10:51

    hello archie, don’t worry this will stay here for a long time even up to ten years. if you have any questions just leave a comment here.

    Pax et Bonum

  30. liz
    20 August, 2008, 8:33

    hello, thanks for this info it’s very useful and saves me a lot of time.
    i want to know what you mean by having the name tag on the picture… do i write it on the pic with a pen, or have the name tag taken with the frontal face view? thanks again.


  31. 20 August, 2008, 8:42

    hello liz :smile:

    name tag as in you are holding a cardboard with your full name in it as you are photographed. Much like a mugshot. Digital nametags such as edited in adobe photoshop are not allowed (as far as I can remember)… you have to hold your name in the photograph or someone else hold it for you.

  32. liz
    20 August, 2008, 9:07

    thanks so much :)
    am preparing my forms to send to my loving kuya back home who will be taking a day off from work just to take care of my license renewal. can you give a time frame this can all get done? i would hate for him to be there all day. wawa naman kuya!
    mabuhay to the brothers / sisters like you who take the time to do this for us abroad. such an act of love. :)

  33. 20 August, 2008, 9:25

    okay just one reminder, I received a note that some are worried that the pink form may not be entertained in the Manila PRC (not confirmed but that is their fear), to be sure:

    1. put a liquid paper on the word “PRC-LUCENA” on the form.

    2, Print it as a balck and white and not colored to obscure the color code

    3, and tell your kuya to argue with the stubborn PRC people there to accept the form since their stupid website is useless and is offline.

    4. that you are from abroad and there is no way for you to get the form but through download on the internet

    5. and that tell your brother to be equally aggressive and resonant because these PRC people sometimes bully customers when they are kind. I should know because I have been there in the Manila PRC. Hindi uso ang bait sa PRC.

    Time frame, if all your documents are properly signed, properly copied (xerox) and properly represented as what I have enumerated above, there would be no hassle. He could finish it half a day depending on the queue of people. The best day to come to PRC is on Monday and tuesday since that is the day which has the lowest number of people in line..

    double check your forms and requirements before sending them to your brother. we dont want the PRC to tell him to get back just because you lack a requirement of a signature on your form. Plus don’t forget the authorization letters that are described above.

    after that your brother will be asked to comeback after 2-3 months to fetch your ID. He will receive a claim stub for the redemption of your id. If your license is needed their in abroad, ask your brother to file a certificate telling that your license is still under process for renewal. every transaction you make on the PRC should be backed up with your authorization, including applying and redemption of license.

    Goodluck and feel free to leave a message here if you have a question. I will do the best I can to update this post if there are developments in the PRC.

    Don’t believe in hearsay. Because I have been there in the PRC personally and applied for the license renewal of my sister, my brother in law and my own license so I know these things.

    Pax et Bonum

  34. liz
    20 August, 2008, 9:37

    galing! thank you again. i will send the link to my kuya.

  35. 22 August, 2008, 3:01

    Buti naman my information tulad nito kasi kailangan ko to para sa renewal ng license ng friend. Salamat kapatid.

  36. ella chan
    27 August, 2008, 16:05

    how long will it take for me to renew my expired prc id? i am a nurse currently working here in UK but i applied in australia. they want my papers ASAP so i want to know how long will it takes for PRC ID renewal since they asked me for a time frame to submit all te requirements. many thanks, cheers!

  37. 27 August, 2008, 18:36

    hello ella :smile:

    The license (ID) will be released after 2 months, but PRC can give you a certification to prove that you’re License is in the process of renewal. Kindly send a authorization (requesting and redeeming the certificate = bale 2 authorizations) to your representative so that after he finished renewing your license and getting the stub, he can apply for a certificate which can be released within a day or three depending on the PRC staff. Certificate of Renewal can be submitted to foreign agencies as a proof that you already renewed your license and that your new ID is still in the process of being made.

    Hope this helps.


    PS. always remember that every transaction you make, either applying for a renewal or redeeming your license, there should always be an authorization coming from you since you are represented by someone.

  38. Jennifer
    9 September, 2008, 18:47


    Thanks for this very informative and helpful website of yours. I was happy to find your site coz for long time I looked for PRC website and recently I found their website, wrote to them but failed to send.

    I’ve away for 8 years and my license has been expired and I wanted to renew it. Do you think they will accept it?

    I saw this link on where it has the PRC form written Manila. What do you think of this?

    Hope to hear from! Thanks a lot!

  39. 9 September, 2008, 20:29

    Hello Jennifer, welcome to my blog. Feel free to roam around here.

    Anyhow about your questions:

    1) yes they will accept it but with a penalty (pesos) i think. Just don’t know how much.

    2) The link that you gave me is a form for application of PRC ID and not renewal. In this case, they will not accept it. Better download the form above because it doesnt matter if its from manila or from elsewhere. They only differ in color and label but are the same for every province.

    I moved your comment here from my other post since this is the proper forum for the license renewal queries. If you have questions feel free to post your comments in this post.

    Pax et Bonum

  40. Jennifer
    9 September, 2008, 21:12


    That was a very quick reply. I wish our PRC was as quick as you are. You mentioned above about the LBC call center for renewing license not functional in the PRC website. How true is this that LBC can assist those who are abroad and can’t send their representatives to transact with PRC personally?

    Thanks brother!

  41. jayne
    12 September, 2008, 21:49


    thanks talaga for posting this kc nakakatulong talaga sa mga gaya ko na nasa labas ng pinas, naalala ko noong nag apply din ako ng renewal,muntik ko na awayin yung nasa window, pano ba naman kung tratuhin ako para akong basura,buti na lang ngayon dna ako punta doon kawawa naman ang representative ko sya ang haharap sa mga taga Prc na ubod ng taray..thanks ulit sa form glen

  42. jayne
    12 September, 2008, 22:01

    hi! :lol: bluepanjeet,mr moderator, sorry i thought ur name is glen, i got this name somewhere d2 nabasa ko,sorry, basta gusto ko lang mag thank u sau, thanks for posting this form, thank u heaps!talaga… :razz:

  43. kaye tolentino
    13 September, 2008, 13:38

    can i download an oath form? where? thanl u

  44. 13 September, 2008, 15:28

    no problem jayne hehe. Happy weekend

  45. 13 September, 2008, 15:31

    please specify: oath form for oath taking or for oath-meal? :razz:

    if for oath taking, you have to go to your nearest prc office. wag nyo na katamaran ang pagkuha nun. Pasado na nga kayo katatamaran nyo pa rin ang pagkuha ng form nun. hehe

    This post is for OFWs and migrant workers and immigrants only. READ THR Taytol!

    God bless

  46. odeulina sotiangco
    15 September, 2008, 2:31

    meron po bang website sa mga pwedeng mag-renew ng license for nurses?please respond

  47. 15 September, 2008, 8:01

    O isa ka pa miss. Alam nyo no offense, pero pinahihirapan nyo ang sarili nyo. Ayan na ang sagot sa taas, babasahin nyo na lang po. Tutuklawin na kayo ng sagot. Minsan ho nakakatamad mag respond sa mga tanong at inquiries na walang common-sense. :evil:

    If there is a website which nurses can renew their license, heck I don’t think I would kill myself in doing this entry in the first place just to help those who are in abroad.

  48. an
    18 September, 2008, 18:55

    hellow mr bluepanjeet! i renewed my prc id last april 2008, and til now i did received any letter informing me that my id is ready for pick up. i renewed my id in tacloban city. i hope you can take some of your time to answer my concern. thank you so much:neutral:

  49. 18 September, 2008, 19:32

    Hello An. Nice that you dropped by.

    I assume you mean, you “did not” receive any notice from the PRC Tacloban right?

    Actually they will not email you or send you a mail just to inform you that your license is ready since they are so busy in their work.

    You are supposed to receive a stub from them which you will use to redeem your PRC ID/license. In the stub is the date and month of the release of your ID. Usually it only takes two months. So check your stub and see if there is any date in it. Pag wala try to call the PRC tacloban kung malayo ka sa kanila, just asked them if the PRC ID renewed last april is already released.

    My friend IFM’s license is also delayed for almost 8 months now. He applied in Iloilo. I guess sakit na yan ng mga provincial offices na delay magrelease ng license. I follow up mo kapatid. thats the only solution I can think of. Kasi they are expecting na kayo mismo ang magfofollow-up at hindi sila.

    If you still have questions, just leave it here okay.

    Godbless and goodluck

  50. 18 September, 2008, 19:36

    yes they can, Just tell your representative to avail the express padala if you are in abroad. The Prc website is down. I dont know what happened. so the Express padala in their website in non functional as of this writing.

    God Bless Jen

  51. ickafry
    7 October, 2008, 18:42

    nawala ko ang PRC license ng nanay ko kaya ako na ang mag papalit..mga magkano kaya to sis?? ang reprnt ng lost id? appreciate your reply..slamat!

  52. Jennifer
    17 October, 2008, 16:55

    Hi Brother Utoy!

    Just wondering magkano binayaran mo sa lampas dalawang taong expired na lisensya mo? Kasi akin more than that:) ouch!

  53. 26 October, 2008, 19:42

    I am beginning to process my NCLEC exam, 1 of their requirements is authorization for validation of registration/license, but unfortunately my PRC license was already expired last May 2008 & i am here in Saudi Arabia.So,do i really need to renew it before sending my documents to CGFNS office? I know CGFNS will inquire in the PRC about the status of my license….tnx

  54. Grace
    22 November, 2008, 16:35

    hi dear…

    do you about PRC fast id? where i read in the web that they’d a booth for fast id… any infos how long their fast is? how much it cost me?


  55. thomas
    9 December, 2008, 11:30

    a wonderful day to all! ask ko lang po sa sitauation ko, 2004 pa ako nakapasa ng LET eaxm fo teachers, pero di ko naasikaso kumuha ng license at di rin ako nag oath, so makakauha pa kaya ako ng license kahit atgal ko ng nakapasa? sa legazpi po ako nag exam sa bikol.. pls help me po.

  56. 10 December, 2008, 19:24

    Yep you need to

  57. 10 December, 2008, 19:25



  58. 10 December, 2008, 19:28

    Yes you can. You are actually licensed already. the mere fact that you passed the exam means that you are already licensed. The ID is another thing. Its just a representation of yourlicense which is a valid document wherever you go. You need to get it now. Just tell them your situation and they will give you the proper form for new licensees

  59. thomas
    11 December, 2008, 9:32

    panjeet thanks so much po sa reply sa message ko, masyado kasi akong nag-aalala kasi di ko talaga maasikaso kasi nandito ako sa thailand, pero plan ko uwi ng pinas sa 2009 kaya lang may mga naririnig ako na invalid na raw yong pagkapasa ko noong 2004 dahil matagal na, kaya ang tanong ko is may validity ba talaga ng pagkapasa sa exam na dapat sa ganitong duration ay makakuha ka ng license ID or else mawawalang bisa pagkapasa mo. thanks po

  60. 11 December, 2008, 10:14

    naku wag ka basta maniniwala sa sabi sabi. alam mo naman ang pinoy napakahilig sa mga ganyan.

    ganito kasi yun. Kaya ka kumuha ng exam is because you want to have a license. You already passed the exam therefore you are already licensed. NGayon di mo kinuha ang license id mo diba? Hindi ka nag oath taking? Pero pasado ka ng exam at pinaskil sa dyaryo?

    ang logic dun, hindi naman siguro nila tatangalin ang pagiging lisensyado mo just because you did not applied for a license ID or took the oath taking. those two are only optional.

    Ang mahalaga dun nakapasa ka sa exam at nakalista ka sa prc.

    ang problema lang nito ay dapat alam mo yung date, year at location kung san ka nag exam, di ko sure kung kjasama pati yung mga documents mo noon ng prc na nagtake ka para mapatunayan na ikaw nga yung nakapasa.

    meron minemail sa atin ang prc na certificate of passing kung saan nakasulat doon ang mga exam sets at rating natin after we passed the exam diba. kaya tayo may dala na envelope na may stamp na. YUn ang isa pwede mo dalhin sa prc na pruweba na pasado ka para makapag apply ng id.

    pero better to go to the prc directly and check their policies. Bago na kasi ang prc commissioner (thanks God di na si Rosero) so ibig sabihin pwedeng bago na rin ang policies nila.

    pero yung fear mo is very unlikely. Just because you did not follow up your id or you did not attend the oath taking eh irerevoke na nila license mo? You are licensed but you are not presently licensed to practice your degree its because nga na di mo nirenew or di mo finollow uop license mo.

    magulo ba? haha

    hope this helps

  61. Nudnik
    18 December, 2008, 19:27

    Tanong lang po kabayan… yung form na binigay mo sa link is for Lucena City, meron ka ba for Manila o parehas lang to?

    Maraming salamat sa tulong.

  62. 4 January, 2009, 2:54

    Hi po,,, I just visit ur website and i was so amazed coz finally nakita ko na ang hinahanap ko regarding my Teacher’s license…tanong lang po sana ako…i passed the examinations already last 2006 but unfortunately dito na po ako sa Texas for over a year and half ..and i wasnt able to get my Professional License ID po…but i have the proof that I passed. And now i want to get or renew my LIcense kasi i think expired na ata ang license ko….but i really dont know how to start or what to do!!! i would appreciate if you reply my sincere message…thanks po

    sincerely urs,

  63. 6 January, 2009, 10:01

    :shock: kUDOS Kabayan…. thank you so much for making a great effort to this site; it is really a great help for all the OFW like me…… well sana PRC will make a way to improve their services nmn; may this site serves as an awakening for those Filipino staff na walang ginawa kundi magpaporma…. the informations attached to this page is really of great help SALAMAT….. Godspeed

  64. geraldine
    8 January, 2009, 7:00

    Thanks a lot for the great information.
    You are so kind to share your time and talents.

    I take it that the above nsg license renewal form will apply even in Davao City?

    May I know what are the requirements for change of name? (I just got married).

    Thanks a lot again.

    God and the Blessed Mother bless you always.
    PS. I tried calling my family back home but I could not get through for whatever reasons and time is running out.

  65. maribel rosales
    29 January, 2009, 2:41

    gud day po!!! tanong lang po, d2 po me sa saudi nagwowork ngaun for 8 years at 6 years na po na dko narerenew ang license ko, pano po kaya un? pede ko po bang ipa renew un sa sister ko? ano po mga dapat kong gawin para makapag renew ako ng teaching license ko kahit andito ako sa saudi?
    tnx in advance po…godblessUs & more power!!!

  66. 29 January, 2009, 6:43

    Hello Maribel.

    Ang sakit kasi nating mga pinoy palagi gusto natin ay easy solution eh. Ayaw natin mahirapan. Basahin mo yung article sa taas at mga comments dito. Andyan yung sagot sa tanong mo tutuklawin ka na.

  67. Jamaica
    1 February, 2009, 0:05

    hi, GOOD DAY 2u Sir..i just wanna know the requirements for change of name. My teacher’s license will expire this october 2009. Somebody told me na of course one of the requirments 2 change name is marriage certificate from NSO. Kaso lang po, d po aq kasal sa Plipinas. I got married here in USA. So, d q po alam if they’ll accept marriage contract kahit d galing sa NSO. Please advise me.. THANK YOU PO! MORE POWER! :) :smile:


  68. 1 February, 2009, 0:46

    Hello Jamaica, kumusta si Aruba at Costa Rica? hehe joke lang.

    Basta authenticated kapatid ang Marriage Certificate mo diyan ng kung ano authorized agency to authenticate tatangapin ng PRC yun. Dito lang sa Pinas mahigpit ang requirements at kailangn lahat authenticated dahil nga laganap na ang peke na papeles. Diyan sa tate mahirap mameke ng papers so automatic tatangapin nila yun.

    God Bless

  69. Jamaica
    1 February, 2009, 6:20

    hello poh :) WOW ang vongga-cious mo naman :smile: hehehe bilis ng sagot ah! natutulog ka pa ba?:) Well ok naman cla Aruba at Costa Rica just talk 2 them recently lang. joke!!! honestly, I really do appreciate ur advise..thank u talaga..GOD BLESS YOU!

  70. joseph
    5 February, 2009, 21:50

    gud day, wala ko mkita about na comments kung pede ko irenew un license ko na expired na for 10 years, pede pa ba irenew.?

  71. 9 February, 2009, 9:21


  72. 9 February, 2009, 9:22

    @Joseph – kahit pa 1000 years na yan expired pwede mo pa irenew yan basta hindi yan nirevoke ng prc at wala kang kaso.

  73. kb24
    16 February, 2009, 16:26

    hello thank you for your very informative blog. Ask ko lang sana about license verification, kc ung license ko nagexpire nung 2006 and di ko nirenew ever since. kailangan ko ba irenew yun bago maverify ung license ko?
    thanks for all your help. God bless.

  74. Ivory
    18 February, 2009, 9:57

    Hi! I’ve read all the comments at mukhang wla pa namang sagot sa query ko… I’ve lost my prc id kc nung 2006 then expired na cya since 2007 (i think kc 2004 ako grad.).. U’ve posted na kelangan i present ung old id or photocopy of it upon renewal. Pano po un if wla naman akong maibigay.. What are the consequences? Please help!!

  75. calvinred
    29 April, 2009, 12:51

    Hi, i would like to ask, how much is the so called “FAST PROCESS” and how long long long is the process for this FAST Processing??? i have read that the normal processing is about 2 to 3 months.. then maybe fast process is about how?? maybe 59 days?? or 50 days?? hehehhe, bakit pa tinawag na fast un?? nyahahaha.. Please advice :-D

  76. 10 May, 2009, 3:09

    hello…i wana know also the price of the fast processing…and then the time?with in a day ba to?


  77. Maila
    13 May, 2009, 22:09

    Hi, it’s a good thing that I came across your site.. Very useful indeed! The thing is ever since I got my first ID card I never bothered to have it re-newed because I wasn’t practicing it anyway and was living abroad for sometime. Probably that’s why I’m so out-of-date! Whatever happened to the requirement for Nurses that they should complete some credits before they would be able to apply for a renewal of their I.D? Well, if the policy has changed and if I only need to pay for the years it was expired… wow, nice!..I’ll definitely do it if that’s the case!

  78. arlyn
    22 May, 2009, 15:51

    Ask ko lang po sana kung panu po ang gagawin ko kc nawala ung unang PRC ID ko.Expired na po yun matagal na gs2 ko po sana irenew ngayon.Anu po ba ang gagawin ko?thanks

  79. robby
    17 June, 2009, 18:31


    I would like to ask if the process is the same for Mech’l engineering profession and would it still be possible to renew long expired licenses. thanks in advance.


  80. eonys
    13 July, 2009, 15:08

    thanks for this info…
    yeah right mapa-manila or lucena parehas lang bulok ang prc…
    until NOW di pa rin makaaccess sa pinagmamalaking website ng pinagmamalaking prc…
    unreliable pa yung mga info na sinasabi nila pag nag-iinquire sa landline nila.
    sayang lang ang time pabalik-balik sa office nila

  81. ainave
    18 July, 2009, 20:44

    thank you so much, am gonna forward this to my friend who lives in North Carolina. cheers and more power to you. :-P

  82. jens
    21 July, 2009, 11:35

    this blog really help me.very informative. God bless and may ur tribe increase.. :-P

  83. jane
    28 July, 2009, 14:31

    hi! where exactly is PRC lucena? planning to renew my id there na lang kesa sa manila. thanks!

  84. rajh
    31 July, 2009, 11:16

    sana mgkaroon ng mga duplicate ang mga forms sa tamang pg sulat at mga gagawin pra maiwasan yung mahabang pila at pabalik balik ng mga tao, na nagi2ng dahilan ng masikip at mabagal na proseso especially sa maritime org,, un lng thnx

  85. gara
    5 August, 2009, 1:29

    ei thanks! finally…after 48 years of searching the web for this form!!!!!haha! really, prc should do something about their website…it’s so damn useless! nakakafrustrate.sana di na lang sila gumawa ng website nila. :!: :?: :!:
    anyway, super thanks for the info and the form download….keep it up!

  86. gra
    5 August, 2009, 21:47

    hi! i saw na ung form is for lucena city. do u have any for manila? tnx

  87. milie
    18 August, 2009, 13:28

    Hi! I just want to thank you for creating this site for OFWs and migrants who have questions regarding PRC license renewal and etc. I moved here in the US 12 yrs ago and never re-newed my PRC nurse license thinking that I’ll never need it. I worked as an LPN and now I am trying to challenge the NCLEX-RN so I need to have my PRC license re-newed and also I want my last name change in my PRC license since I got married when I got here. I downloaded and printed the forms above and will send it to my brother back home who will work it out for me. I just don’t know how much I have to pay as penalty for failing to re-new my license for several years. Anyways, thanks a million again and more power and God bless….

  88. beckbarcelona
    24 August, 2009, 10:06

    how much kaya renewal, mine expired 3 years ago :( i hope not too expensive though…

  89. mikhaile
    24 August, 2009, 12:59

    Hi there. This site is nice hope my inzans and other relatives and even my friends whom I know license will expire this year could read this site… It’s very useful… And for those professional here in the Philippines who want to renew their license, why don’t you try to drop by in the PRC so you can experience personally what the others are telling about, and I guarantee, your experience will count once in your lifetime… or you can even told to your future sons and daughters or even nephews or nieces that you experience that process or even being in that shoes before. Even there is LBC express right now, and having a very toxic schedule… I can say money can’t buy experience… my best teacher.

    Have a nice day folks…

  90. paola reyes
    25 August, 2009, 16:22

    para sa mga migrants lang ba to? and renewal? what if di pa po expired yung license ko and i just want to change my status? can i use the same form? and another thing, im a midwife po. can i use this form also o pang nurses lng to? thank you. :-)

  91. paola reyes
    25 August, 2009, 16:34

    i’ve read the other comments here.. and i guess it has answered my question. :-D thanks though.

  92. dario
    15 September, 2009, 0:28

    hi i tried to ask allover the place kung meron dito sa houston ung passport size picture with nametag pero nobody is doing it. dont they accept the one without nametag? any idea kung saan ako dapat pumunta to be able to get one?

  93. shiela
    16 September, 2009, 1:21

    hi, ask,ko,lang,yung,nakalagay,kasi,sa,claim,stub,ko,is,COS.. ano,kaya,to? application for change of name,i applied it last aug.5.. hope,to,hear,from,you,asap..tnx…

  94. lyre
    7 October, 2009, 10:54

    hi, dito sa singapore nag pa picture din ako ng pasport size pero wala ding name tag. Ung pag print na lng tsaka nag-edit na my name tag

  95. SherylCooper
    18 October, 2009, 4:47

    Hi, thanks for this. It is certainly a big help. Madami akong info na nakuha dito kesa sa useless PRC website. I am living in Texas right now and undergoing the same dilemma. I was a teacher back in the Philippines but I met my husband and moved here in 2006. I am hoping to get all of my stuffs together so I can get a Texas teaching certification (bale lisensya to kung sa pinas pa) and be able to teach full time next year. I am trying to get all my papers/documents ready for (1) renewal of my PRC id which expired last year…nagparenew kase ako right before I left…(2) changing my last name to my now married name…we got married here kase… and (3) request for a letter saying that my license has not been revoked or anything and that its in good standing…dont know what you call it, i guess its a letter of good standing…

    Anyhow, i asked my sisters to help me, the PRC people (most if not all of them) were as usual masungit….and I even phoned Manila office…It was a freaking long distance call and I got nothing. The people that I talked to didn’t help much, telling me that their freaking supervisor was out, and made me wait while they pass me around. It was sooo aggravating to say the least. Oh well….I’m sorry if I’m venting out….kakainis lang talaga. But hank God for people like you who care enough to provide very important information. God bless you and your family.

  96. SherylCooper
    18 October, 2009, 4:56

    P.S. I almost forgot….gaano nga pala kalaki yung passport size photo in inches? at ilan ang kailangan ko ipadala? kase parang di pareho yung passport size photo nila dito sa Texas/US kesa jan sa pinas…di magkasinlaki. I just wanna be sure before I send my requirements to my family. Thanks sa uulitin. Mabuhay ka.

  97. SherylCooper
    18 October, 2009, 5:07

    hi, if i’m not mistaken its Php 10 per month for us teachers…not sure lang kung it applies to all professions. So multiply mo lang how many months nag-expire by ten pesos

  98. 20 October, 2009, 23:58

    Sir ask ko lang po kung magkano po yung penalty sa nurse license kasi 6 months na po siyang expired,,wala kasi sa prc site yung renewal fee at penalty po..tnx in advance

  99. PRCslowmo
    28 October, 2009, 0:37

    eto din ang nakakainis.. i requested a verification of registration to send to CRNBC here in Canada nung last wk ng July pa till now wala pa naresib ang CRNBC, nakaresib n tuloy ako ng letter from CRNBC telling me na to continue assessing my papers kelangan nila ung form na manggagaling sa PRC …. haaayyyzz nkakalowkah nakakabadtrip tlg. i even asked my dyowa in Pinas to follow up and sbi daw npadala n nung Aug 24 but then accdg to the letter i got from CRNBC, un n lng ang inaantay nilang document haaayyyzz.. and now expired n license ko nung Oct. 26 wahhhhhh and this is my problem.. I have to renew kc kelangan registered nurse while CRNBC will continue to assess my papers and this is nkakainis kc renewing will take long again for PRC to process tapos idagdag mo pa ung days again for them to send-in a new verification to CRNBC..another payment as usual..

    It makes me wander kng pwede ipaexpedite lahat sa PRC for an additional fee? meron b nun? or under the table =)

    Another question, panu ung phil. passport size photo with name tag required sa PRC.. may hawak b dapat ako na maliit na “karatula” =) with my name already written or pwede ung name ko typewritten sa may space below the passpot size picture? can’t remember na my picture during the initial registration in the Phil. kelangan ko iexplain sa photographer dito kc nagkamali n ako kahapon sa background tapos may blank space lng sa bottom ng picture to write my name into.. i need have my picture taken again haaayyyzzzz

  100. benjie
    2 November, 2009, 14:08

    Yes, thanks for posting the ads for the info of every OFW who wants to renew their prof. license.
    thanks again..But I need the PRC-Cebu Renewal Form…….

  101. ravdr
    20 November, 2009, 11:04

    change of name requirements?

  102. claire
    26 November, 2009, 10:15

    magkano po ba magparenew ng License ng PT? 2 years n po akong nde nakakapagparenew eh..

  103. Edlyn
    9 December, 2009, 12:36

    my license will expire on January. My province is very far from Manila… Can I renew my license this Christmas break? Since I don’t have tym n po next year (license teacher po aq). April n po kz ul8 vacation….

  104. 9 December, 2009, 23:08

    Yes but make sure you renew it asap since december is holiday season. Goodluck

  105. y dalmacio
    10 December, 2009, 10:23

    just want to know the period covered by nursing license granted in 2009. is the license renewed every year? i agree with a lot of people that prc website is either non-existent or useless.


  106. 10 December, 2009, 11:35

    Hello dalmacio,

    your license is renewed every 6 years on your date of birth. So let say you received your license on July 2009 and your birthday is on April 15, then the expiry of your license will be on April 15, 2015 (6 years counting from the year of your license relased up to you birthday) depending if you have no violations against your professions’ licensure policy.

    To avoid delay of license renewal, you can renew your license 3 months ahead of your expiry date. if for example, your license will expire on April 2010, therefore you can already apply for renewal in the PRC as early as January of 2010. Hope this helps

  107. Ralph Martin Lagman
    28 December, 2009, 23:19

    maraming maraming salamat sa nagpost nito. Sana ang mga tulad mo ang nakaupo sa gobyerno gaya ng PRC para organisado.

  108. strawberry
    8 January, 2010, 10:04

    ask ko lang po ilang years po ba ung validity ng PRC for Nurses?

  109. Darius Aguilar
    13 January, 2010, 1:53

    Sir mati, thanks for making this…  Tagal ko ng problemado sa aking license eh…  

  110. elenor h. zulueta
    22 February, 2010, 5:07

    sir may asked, how long will it take for PRC license renewal.

  111. pinky
    27 February, 2010, 6:57

    Thank’s for your post!I’m a licensed teacher from Puerto Princesa. My problem is I have to renew my lost and expired id.How am I going to renew it if one of their requirement is an old PRC license or a photocopy of it?My colleagues told me that I have to pay 250Php per month for an expired license.But I’ve read one of the comments here that ’twas only 10Php.Which is which?Lastly, can I use the form above even if I’m not a migrant?Your response will mean so much to me.Thank’s in advance and God bless!!

  112. erika
    20 March, 2010, 1:45

    hi. just wana ask regarding fast their website it says..”professionals should come in person” under fast Id Processing. Do u ahve any idea if they consider to process the renewal if itis the authorized representative? thank you and God Bless

  113. Joanne Labajo
    24 March, 2010, 20:52

    Most of my questions were answered coz of what you did!!!! a very well detailed notes regarding PRC License renewal etc….. May GOD bless you with patience and peace at all times! SALAMAT!!!

  114. Joanne
    25 March, 2010, 20:45

    This might help….
    I just had a PRC ID renewal and change of name/status (teacher) today. It cost me P1775 where my last ID renewal was dated 2004. I can’t have ID EXPRESS coz of the change of status so I have to wait for 3 months but i asked for a certification of good standing at window 19 (3rd flr annex bldg) that cost me P75 and will get the certificate after 5 working days ( for those who need the prove of renewal ASAP – i guess the certificate is needed). I started working on my papers at around 9am finished it by 11:30am….. then i came back for the certificate at 3 pm and took me 30 minutes only. ALL IS WELL!!!! the staff of PRC are somewhat polite and courteous only if you show them how to be one. Good day and GOD bless… have a nice trip to PRC! :-P

  115. 31 March, 2010, 5:56

    helo,gud day….thanks 4 dis site…this will be a big help for me coz i need 2 renew my nursing license but im here in spain..i just want to know where and how can i have the renewal form.i have a cousin who is a nurse also and i will ask her 2 process my documents…i will just send her my passport size id,xerox copy of my previous nursing license id and my authorization letter together with the corresponding fee…my problem is the renewal form…is it ok if it is my cousin will be the one to fill it up????if not,how can i have it…hope u can help me….thanks a lot and god bless…….

  116. arje
    20 April, 2010, 15:00

    Wow! your site is very helpful! Good Job!

  117. thessa
    19 May, 2010, 22:52

    gusto ko pong malaman kung magkano ang aking babayarin lampas 6 years na pong expired ang id ko.balak ko sanang magrenew.please help me.Thank you

  118. rochell
    31 May, 2010, 15:25

    i just passed the nle last nov2009. until now di pa ako nakakapag apply n license ko. sa davao city ako nag exam pero andito na ako sa manila ngayon and i have work here kaya hirap ng bumalik ng davao. are there any other ways na pwede ko ma aaplayan or makuha license ko na nde ako pumupunta ng davao? kelangan ba talga kung san ka nag exam dun din apply license.?? any suggestions po?tnx

  119. Rina
    3 June, 2010, 21:54

    This post has been very helpful. You’ve given the details clearly and comprehensively. I’ve tried opening other sites, but the information was either vague or incomplete. Any minute from now, I’m going to call my mom in the Philippines and explain to her everything. Thank you and may God bless you. =)

  120. Ayibangbang
    24 June, 2010, 7:14

    I agree with you bluepanjeet, I also experienced not only once but maaaaaaaaaaaaaaany times, the incompetency of PRC, and I got surprised when i saw your attached forms, in which it was from PRC Lucena, the same PRC office where I run to, when I am in need of such important documents with regards to my licensure. And eto pa, I’ll be honest but nakakainis talaga yung ilang masusungit na empleyado ng ating gobyerno, talagang ikaw na lamang ang bahalang magpasensiya sa kanila. Sighed…

  121. maurene laberinto
    3 July, 2010, 6:48

    hi im maurene ask ko lng po if possible ako mkrenew ng id prc ko kht dto ako uk pnu po gwn ko po?midwife po ako 2008 pa expired po tnx salamat…

  122. Maria
    6 July, 2010, 2:35

    salamat po talaga sa blog mo!!! malaking tulong po talaga ito!!! 

  123. maribeth janicegejon
    4 August, 2010, 13:19

    hi po…hope u can help me with this…i took and passed nursing local exam last 2005…hindi ako nkakuha ng prc questions are, 1. pwede pa po ba akong mag apply for prc id? 2. how much will i pay? 3. what are the requirements for applying?…tnx po

  124. 7 August, 2010, 10:01

    Read the entire post including the comments. You will see what you are looking for. Don’t be lazy in reading

  125. tina radley
    13 August, 2010, 10:41

    hi, im a migrant professional dentist living in nz. iam currently in manila and wanting to renew my prc id. expiry is still 2011 but i want to renew it while im here on a holiday. is it possible? or would you recommend the lbc -id renewal procedure? cheers!

  126. 13 August, 2010, 10:48

    Hi Tina. It depends. PRC only allows advance license renewal 3-6 months before the expiry date. For example, if your license will expire on June 2011, then you can already apply for renewal starting December of 2010.

    You are here in the Phil right? so it would be better for you to apply the renewal personaly and then ask them if they can send the license in NZ. if tou think its too risky losing the license on the courrier, mail etc), just ask your family member to get it for you after 2 to 3 months of your application and then let them send it to you. That way it would be much safer.

    Hope this helps

  127. ARLAINE
    19 August, 2010, 16:55

    Hi! I would like to know if it is possible to have license verification to prc without renewing the license . This will be needed for my endorsement of license from Cali to Texas. Expired n kasi ang prc ko. But I need to have it verified by BON ng Texas, thank u po!

  128. 19 August, 2010, 18:43

    How can you verify a license if it is non-existent ( or already expired)? Renew first your license before asking prc to verify it. They cannot verify what they do not have on record. even if you have a previous license, still it is considered non-existent if it is not renewed..

  129. kendall padilla
    20 September, 2010, 3:50

    hi.. thanks so much for posting this.. laking tulong..may question lang ako.. pede ba print ko dito tapus fill up-an ko then scan ko nlng ..para ma send ko sa email ng bro ko.. sya kasi ang mag aayos.. wala kc aku sa pinas…salamat :-D

  130. 20 September, 2010, 8:03

    There is a download link above where you can get the form. The form is already scanned. If you print it and scanned it again, the quality of the print would not be good. I doubt it if PRC would ever accept it. What I can suggest is that you print it out and then send it by regular mail to your brother’s residence or you can just ask him to get the PRC form directly in the PRC office. Good Luck

  131. Kendall padilla
    20 September, 2010, 11:21

    Maraming salamat :-D ganun n nga Lang gawin ko para mas sure.. Papadala ko nlng sa bro ko.. Pero dun sa form may nakalagay na permanent address.. What Kaya address lalagay ko ung sa pinas or ung dito sa Canada? God bless..

  132. candy
    21 September, 2010, 1:44

    hi po…i have a very big problem…i took and passed the nle last 2005..but until now, i wasnt able to apply for i.d yet….can i still grt one?how?..pls help…huhuhuu

  133. 21 September, 2010, 8:15

    @Candy – The answer is yes. You have to go to the PRC personally and ask them to open your records of your exam results. If your records exist in PRC then you will be granted LICENSE (not ID). In order to get a license, you need to apply just like everybody else. The only difference between renewal and application of new license is the form you have to fill up and the window you have to fall in line. All instructions are already written above so please read!

  134. csandory
    23 September, 2010, 4:49

    I am currently working abroad. For the renewal of my PRC ID, If I will be needing a special power of attorney, does it need my signature? or my representative can go about it in the Philippines? What does my representative need to have to acquire special power of attorney to renew and redeem thereafter my PRC ID? Thanks a lot. MORE POWER.

  135. Jinky Kriz S. Goglin
    26 September, 2010, 21:15

    I want to update my last name since i’m already married, at the same time my PRC ID is already expired last June 12, 2010. May i ask if can i process two request at the same time? Change of Name/Status & Renewal of PRC ID first? or Do i have to wait for my records to be updated before renewal of PRC ID?

  136. 27 September, 2010, 22:53

    @Jinky – You can process both at the same time

  137. hannah soller shimizu
    29 September, 2010, 19:02

    hi muzta po,may i know wat r the req’t 4 change of name,exact passport size photo w/ name tag bka ksi d po same ang size d2hawaii sa pinas jaz wana make sure,at saan ko po mkukuha ang application ng change of name,can i process the same time ung license renewal and ung credential eval ko sa cgfns thou cgfns need authorization for validation of registration/license dp tapos renew license pwede b yan o i’l wait to finish everything (change of name,license renewal) bgo ko iprocess ang credential eval ko,wait ko po answer nyo, THANKS :-l

  138. cheryl
    14 October, 2010, 10:00

    i have a difficulty to get my license id card and certificate from the prc..kakapasa q lang ng board last october 2009..natapos q na ang process but i need to wait 4-6 months to get it my problem is panu q maclaim yung id card q kasi andito aq sa ibang bansa?

  139. cheryl
    14 October, 2010, 10:07

    panu ba makakuha nang special power of atty.? pwede bah send q nalang yung authorization letter q sa authorize person? hay naku!!!please help me!!!

  140. 14 October, 2010, 20:35


    Hello cheryl

    I don’t understand why you need a special power of attorney. handwritten Authorization with signature will suffice. Of course it depends on the PRC personnel. Pag napatapat ka sa may “period” nang araw na yon, malas mo. But in most cases special power of attorney is not necessary since you already have a claim stub given to you when you applied for your license

    Why having problems in claiming it? don’t you have the stub? send your stub to your family and let them claim it for you. If you do not have the stub then we have a problem. Ganun lang kasimple. Don’t complicate things

    Goodluck and I will pray that your license may be claimed in haste.

    God Bless

  141. von
    18 October, 2010, 13:36

    how much is the penalty per month or per year for late renewal of prc id??? please help nman may id expired EIGHT(8) years ago  :cry: bka d q n mkaya ang babayaran..  i have to know it before fly to manila para d nman msayang ang pagpunta ko kung sakaling subrang malaki tlaga ang penalty…
    thanks in advance…

  142. Bambalan, Digna
    13 November, 2010, 4:57

    pwede pa bang mabalik yung single name ko sa licence ko? salamat po…

  143. Marydee
    9 January, 2011, 21:12

    :lol: Ciao! My sincere gratitude for creating this site. Finally I can renew my license. All the Best!

  144. JazzyJean
    9 January, 2011, 23:10

    Hi! I’ll be renewing my 1 yr and 3 month expired nursing license tomorrow. Do I expect surcharges? If then, kindly give me a rough estimation of about how much PRC will charge me.

    Thanks in advance.

    @Jean – Miss hindi ito accounting depat ng PRC. Public service lang ito sa mga gusto magrenew dahil wala maioffer na info ang PRC Website.

  145. Samantha
    15 January, 2011, 13:54

    I will be renewing my 5 years expired Teacher’s License. But I cant go home. I am hoping that  my request through special power of attorney would be grated.

  146. Vivian
    20 January, 2011, 2:01

    This post is really helpful. Salamat Bluepanjeet!! I need to renew my Teacher’s license rin… Mag two years na ring expired. Naghahanap pako ng mapakiusapan na representative, hassle din kasi authorization letter pa at special power of attorney, tapos madalas mabagal pa service. Kung makakauwi ako this year, ako na kikilos. Sana merong branch ang PRC sa mga Pinoy Embassies worldwide noh? para dun nalang mag-renew ang mga Pinoy Proffesionals Abroad.

  147. ricardo noman jr.
    29 January, 2011, 12:04

    available po ba ang fast id sa davao? tga gensan po ako..tnx>>>

  148. enna
    31 January, 2011, 21:38

    well thanks to your post.. its a great help for those people who seeks answers for this type of question. i keep looking at PRC’s website but it’s down.  I hope PRC would make any arrangements and improvement on their site, nevertheless, we’ll end up looking for something that is impossible to find. So kind regards to mr. bluepanjeet. x

    7 February, 2011, 20:25

    thanks for this very useful info, i just want to know if the form labeled PRC-LUCENA CLAIM SLIP is usable in any region in our country? thanks

  150. marlon sadomia
    21 February, 2011, 8:15

    ano ba kailangan kong dalhin or requirements pag mg re renew ako ng teachers license ko?pls reps naman jan oh…

  151. Marie
    21 February, 2011, 15:53

    anyways, i just wanna know how much is the penalty per month or year for the license id renewal? I read in ur post that “A renewal fee is P650 to P780 depends on the months or years of lapse of validity of your license” Is this d present amount given by the prc? My license expired 2 yrs n 4 months since Oct. 11, 2008….im just worried po kc baka masyado ng malaki babayaran ko that’s why i need to know the exact amount of penalty /month or year para po maibudget ko once na lumuwas ako…PLS HELP ME PO!!! tnx!

  152. Kim
    16 March, 2011, 9:48

    Hi! My aunt is asking me to renew her PRC license on her behalf since she’s in Saudi. I was just wondering kasi sa form, it requires her signature but on the back portion of the form, there’s also a space to be filled by the representative. Sorry, this may sound like a stupid question (but I just wanna make sure kasi hassle tlg pumunta ng PRC) pag representative ba (ME) ako lang ang magsasign and I don’t have to send her the form and all that? I mean, kaya naman may space for me to sign kasi the owner of the license is not around to sign, dba? HAHA sorry tlg!! i will really appreciate an answer! thank you so much! super helpful ng post mo!

    Sa Manila PRC it takes about 6 weeks. Would you know if it will take the same time for provincial PRC? thanks!!

  153. nita bolivar
    5 April, 2011, 23:45

    wow maraming salamat sa mga informative….ur sooo brilliant@kind hearted…my malasakit ka sa kapwa pilipinong like me na nghahahnap nang sagot sa mga pangangailangan namin….ur indeed….more power…i’ve learned alot…thank you so much for giving me an idea :wink:@ answer to my question….ur sooo sweet…i agree sa lahat na sinabi mo…sana lahat na employee sa govyerno sa pilipinas tulad sau…. :lol:

  154. cecille
    27 May, 2011, 19:37

    Hello.I’m in abroad at the moment and no plan to visit in the Philippines yet.Plano kong i-renew yung license ko this year.Pinapunta ko yung sis ko sa PRC to inquire.Plano kong hindi ko muna i-change yung maiden name ko sa married name,renew lng muna.sabi nila ok lng dw yun,kaya lng sa authorization letter ko for my sis,pgsign ko na sa baba ng letter masasali ko tlaga yung married name ko kc plano kong ipanotarized,hihingin kc ng notary public ung ID ko,puro na nasa married name ko yung id ko.Ok lng ba yon na iparenew ko lng sya sa maiden name ko kahit makikita nilang yong name ko sa baba with signature my kasali ng married name?i-da-dash ko nlang sya.Can I have ur reply on my email address? Tnx in advance.

  155. Mimi
    29 June, 2011, 9:06

    Thanks! I’m going to renew a license that was not even used. Haayyy!

  156. diane
    18 August, 2011, 1:35

    hay.. salamat sayo, namomroblema ko kung ano cnsb ng website nila..  attorney attorney pa.. eto lang pla..mgrerenew na ko kase next year.. mas maganda n ung advance ngsesearch :) thank you so much..ndownload ko na :)

  157. vanessa
    18 August, 2011, 22:03

    hello po!tnx for this informative post…ask ko lng po pag finill-up pa ung form dapat ba computerize or hand writing?tnx po..GBU : :)

  158. TONY
    24 August, 2011, 20:40

    this is a big help. salamat ka bayan. maybe its about time na tau n lng mag tulungan coz d natin maasahan yang ahencya na dapat gumagawa nyan. 2 THUMBS AKO SAU SIR. MABUHAY KA..

  159. Miss Recy
    28 August, 2011, 21:50

    2003 p yta ang last expiration date ng license ko..i wanna know po if how much will i pay for teacher’s license if i will renew it this year?..i hope you can help me regarding this matter..thank you po…

  160. michelle
    14 September, 2011, 11:06

    Hi there, when i tried to print the forms hindi po sya magkatapat sa likod.ok lng po ba un? is there any other website where I can print the forms. thanks! pls help!

  161. kristine
    22 September, 2011, 12:02

    This is very informative. I got all the answers here…   :wink:

  162. lisa1230
    1 October, 2011, 18:15

    Good day, Sir! I have a concern here. Can I process my prc id here in manila(because I’m staying here now) even though I took the board exam at Iloilo City?

  163. susan pimentel perez
    11 October, 2011, 9:39

    hello thanx for the info. I renewed my license last oct 2010 pa for change of status & upto now ay wala pa & it’s been a year already. They don’t even allow somebody to get it for me unless they are PRC license holder as well? The thing is i have been here in Bikol & 2x na ako nagpunta lucena PRC but to no avail.


    Dunno. — Romuald

  164. Engineer of Death
    15 October, 2011, 1:50


  165. armido galivo
    17 October, 2011, 19:21

    my license lapsed its validity march 2003, how much do i have to pay for the renewal of my license for LET?


    Should I even dare answer this question? — Romuald

  166. anne
    6 November, 2011, 5:42

    To the one who made the step by step instruction, it is so nice of you! You are a public servant!

    To Romuald, YOU ARE SO PROUD :-| Don’t belittle TEACHERS, because without them… you cannot be an Engineer. Be humble enough to help those who cannot understand.. The reson why you made a post here is because you needed HELP too.

  167. 6 November, 2011, 7:16

    Dear Miss Anne,

    I bet you’re a teacher too :)

    Like I said, many FILIPINO READERS are not reading at all and are just browsing, too lazy to read. I bet you’re one of them.

    I’m the one who wrote this post, and NO, I didn’t write this because I needed help. I wrote this for clueless people like you. Sad thing is, all you have to do is read, yet most of you are even too lazy to read.

    And NO, I’m not proud. The issue here is how most LET Passers fail to ask valid questions and not my gratitude towards teachers.

    If you read again my comment above, I said “I’m not making a sweeping generalization”… It’s not my fault if you don’t know what I mean by it or you didn’t even bother reading that line.

    Finally, NO! I’m not an engineer.

    - Romuald, —

    15 November, 2011, 14:08

    hi po ask ko lang kung pwede ko po ba na renew ung id licence ko ng midwifery 1994 pa po magkano po ung fee?salamat po

  169. Jajurie
    21 November, 2011, 12:15

    Hi, i have a question. I am currently living and working in canada and i have to renew my license and im just wondering if im going to put my address here in canada or in the phils.please reply…thanks


    PHILIPPINE ADDRESS — or the address of the person who will represent you in redeeming your license in PRC.

    - Romuald

  170. Anna
    3 December, 2011, 9:09

    Hi! I just wanna ask if there is an office where i can get an affidavit of lost inside PRC? Meron nba nakapagtry? Kung meron man, plan ko kc dun na lang kumuha coz i lost my ID last week lang.
    Thank u:-)

  171. kristine
    11 February, 2012, 8:28

    xerox lang ba kailangan front and back??kc may nabasa ako need daw ng old ID…

  172. eLLie
    2 March, 2012, 11:03

    I’m very much thankful for the information. And good to say PRC-baguio had the same information and form you mentioned on your site.

  173. badette
    5 March, 2012, 19:35

    hello.. ask ko lng po kung ano ung requirements and procedures para makakuha ng certificate of good standing sa prc?tnx po!

  174. JML
    5 March, 2012, 20:10

    hello! i find your article very helpful but i have a few questions i hope you could answer cos my case is a little complicated. i lost my PRC license recently and the expiration is Oct 2012 pa.. my name on that is my MAIDEN NAME. what name should i state in my affidavit of loss? same name on THAT lost ID or my name now (with my husband’s surname)?  can i request a new ID with a new surname (because i got married and i want to update my name also) and at the same time renew the license (new expiration date) even though the expiration is in October? which service am i required to get (renew/duplicate/reprint/change of name)? i’m really confused i hope you can help me out!! i live far from manila and the PRC hotlines are no good. thank you!

  175. Dirkvitz
    16 March, 2012, 13:05

    I saLute you man [Mr. RomuaLd] for creating this site… ..and for continuousLy engaging & putting much of your precious time updating, showing concerns & responding to anybody eLse’s inquiries. That aLone is nobLe! . You’re such a bLessing not just for professionaL FiL-Workers abroad but for everyone. Yes u are! God be with u mate! :wink:

  176. 26 March, 2012, 12:09

    hi ask q lang. if pede mgparenew na my representative. possible din ba n mgsubmit ng application ng ibang tao?! den uwi n lng sa exam date?!

  177. jaz
    15 May, 2012, 13:21

    Helo po. Ask lang kung pwede un mga authorization letter nakascan na then ipriprint nalang? or need ko ipacourier (original authorization needed)

    Salamat kabayan! :-)

  178. nyzzz
    3 June, 2012, 0:02 grateful to find this smart of you to think of this..anyway thanks in question is this. My license as a nurse has been expired for almost 3 years now. well i am away so my concern is, if it is still valid to renew the ID since almost 3 years has from pangasinan so i would like to renew my ID in baguio prc, cost u know where i can download the form for renewal in baguio prc for nurses? thanks a lot!

  179. 12 June, 2012, 15:41


    Should be original. Snail mail it instead of scan :)

  180. deth_088
    18 June, 2012, 13:03

    anyone help???? gusto ko pong mag exam for Nursing my question is if its ok if i have another person pass all my requirements for me becasue im currently working abroad and my plan is to go home a week before the exam.. i hope someone respond because ive been calling prc’s pone number and its allways busy. :cry:

  181. v1nc3nt
    6 September, 2012, 12:33

    Hi, this informations are great…
    in addition may i ask what are the requirement for renewal of engineering prc license which has been expired for almost 5 years. Im planning to renew my license within this month
    1. Requirements…
    2. How much…
    3. Procedure…
    By the way im from manila. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks a lot

  182. 18 September, 2012, 19:40

    I am a bit confused on “name tag on the picture”. Does this mean, you write your full name on the picture (I assume the lower part of the picture), or the full name is within the picture, i.e. when the picture is taken, you are holding your name tag. Please let me know which is which. Thank you.

  183. 29 September, 2012, 19:15

    :wink: magkano po kaya ang babayaran 5 years na expired license ko..tnx

  184. winston
    13 October, 2012, 22:48

    my prc license expire 10 years ago.. how much will i pay for penalty? :-D

  185. Imee
    24 October, 2012, 12:17

    Thanks a lot for the form and the info .I’m planning to have my nurse license renewed tomorrow.How much do I need to bring if my license expired last January 2007 yet? can you give me a rough estimate? Thanks so much for the assistance! God bless.

  186. marian
    28 October, 2012, 22:57

    Hi. I just want to ask, can i renew my PRC ID for teachers in advance? It will expire on July 27, 2013 but I need it to be valid at that time. Can I renew it as early as October 2012? Thank you!

  187. tulen
    12 November, 2012, 14:57

    my prc license expired 14 years ago, how much i will pay for the penalty? :-|

  188. 16 November, 2012, 4:34

    I had my question posed on September 18, 2012. I have yet to get an answer. How about you Mr Matthieson and  bluepanjeet? Or did I ask a funny question which is, can somebody show me a picture ID with name tag on it that has already been processed or being submitted to be processed by PRC. Or I shall never get an answer? My renewal day is fast approaching, so please, give me a sample. f  I can not be answered hee, please send it to my email: Thank you.

  189. chi moxy
    21 November, 2012, 3:43

    Hi.. hopefully you are still checking this site.. i have read that the power of attorney is needed for a representative, is that for all the authorization letters??? Thanks .. :)

  190. 26 November, 2012, 7:38

    PLEASE DON’T BE DEMANDING. Be thankful enough that you have this as a resource. The reason why most of your questions are not being replied to is because they were already been answered in the comments section. LEARN TO READ!!!!!!!

  191. 26 November, 2012, 22:25

    I have yet to see a sample of a ID picture with a name tag on it at this site. If you can show me where then that should end the story.

  192. zhai
    12 January, 2013, 12:33

    :-P…May I ask if how to renew my PRC ID Online..baka po alam ninyo…nahihilo na din ako sa website ng PRC eservices ei..Thanks.

  193. andrea
    28 January, 2013, 20:36

    Hi, you’re website is such a blessing for us here in abroad. My question is in the PRC form. I’m a naturalized U.S. Citizen. What do I have to write under citizenship?  Next question is how much do I have to pay for my penalty, I have not renew it for 28 years.  Thank you and God bless you.

  194. carley
    21 February, 2013, 2:46

    Hi, first i would like to Thank you Romuald for helping us answering our question is which do you think is better, to change my status due to marriage (my mom is my representative) sa pinas or just wait till cgfns processed my professional report? Thank you so much i appreciated any opinion..

  195. 6 March, 2013, 13:15

    @Carley – this is just my opinion. I think you should wait your CGFNS first to be processed before you change status ng sa ganon walang masyadong confusion sa processing of papers. THis is just my opinion. Its up to you kung ano sapalagay mo ang mas madali

  196. gen
    27 September, 2013, 17:40

    what if magrerenew ako tapos magpapa change of name na din? is it possible? magkano kaya ang babayaran? tia

  197. 6 January, 2014, 23:52

    hi po. i just ask my mom to renew my license in the phil( davao)it took 3 hours standing line thats before they get inside the building…. poor thing and send them along my original marriage contract kasi sa US kmi kinasal kampante ako na they will validate my marriage certificate( this paper once you photocopy lilitaw ang word na VOID so mahirap talaga i alter) but then again the mighty PRC denied it since dapat daw naka NSO STAMP or anything that has nso name on it. Pastilan gyud… another payment napud then i remember we went to Washington D.C to report my marriage to the embassy and sign by CONSULAR.. so i scan that and attach our passports…. hopefully it will work too…They told my mom that it would take easy 2 years for them to release my renewed I.D… I ARGUE mom about it that maybe she heard it wrong maybe its two months or six months I mean for christ sake they will make a diamond card for me right…. i dont even expect it in gold….. my god what a disaster this is… good thing i read your post and it says i could get a certification
    that my papers were on process maybe that would work for me.

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