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Funny and Hilarious Pinoy Famous Lines – Part 4

Posted by on Sunday, April 29, 2007, 12:59
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28-famous-linesThis is the last installation of the Pinoy Famous Lines Joke Series which 3 of the 4 posts I posted is my own doing (yeah I’m the culprit). Luckily I didn’t ran out of things to say, maybe because I still have a hangover from the three recent posts of the same title. Anyways, I know some of the jokes here are not appealing to you especially if you’re not a Filipino, but just like what I did on the three posts, I included translations which I am not really sure if its accurate or making sense at all. Some of the Pinoy idioms and expressions used has no figurative and literal equivalent to the English language. But what the heck, it’s the effort that counts. Again for the last time, some pictures are graphical and some jokes have double meanings, so I suggest that if you are very conservative or not that open to jokes, don’t read it. but to those who are looking for humor, well this might cheer you up. Like they always say, “Save the best for last!”.


“Ilang beses ko na kasing inuulit sayo, ayaw mo naman akong pakinggan”
- Sirang Plaka


“Ayaw na ayaw ko kasi yung iginigisa ako sa sarili kong mantika”
- longganisa


“Di ko na kayo bati, palagi nyo nalang akong dinidilaan”
- Lollipop


“Kung pwede nga lang akong lumubog sa kinatatayuan ko”
- Pako


“Anong tingin mo saken. laruan?”
- Baril


“Tinatamad akong lumabas eh”
- Luga


“Mamili ka sa amin, ako o sila?”
- Multiple Choice


“Anong petsa na!!!”
- kalendaryo


“Kulang pa ba ang gawin ko lahat ng pinag-uutos mo? palagi na lang akong sunud-sunuran sa lahat ng gusto mo!”
- Maid


“Huwag na huwag mo akong susubukan, makakatikim ka talaga sa akin”
- Kaldero


“Saka mo lang ako na-aalala pag kailangan mo na ako!”
- Susi


“Sige na, one time lang naman eh, di na ako mauulit”
- Cotton Buds


“Patulugin mo naman ako!”
- Sekyu


“Pagod na pagod na ako, wala na akong ginawa mula umaga hanggang gabi kungdi magtrabaho. buong buhay ko, kayod na lang ako ng kayod”
- Kayuran (pangkayod ng niyog)


“Anong tingin mo sakin, bato? may pakiramdam din naman ako. kung hindi ko pa alam pinaglalaruan mo lang ako”
- Parke/Playground


“bakit ba palagi ka na lang mainit saken?”
- Kape


“You’re nothing, but a second rate trying hard copycat”
- xerox machine to carbon paper


“Palagi na lang si Val ang nakikita nyo! si Val.. si Val.. Si Val na walang malay…!”
- kabaong


“Ding, ang bato!””
- Adik


“Parang awa mo na, pakawalan mo na ako dito, hirap na hirap na ako!””
- Bulos/LBM


“Magdusa ka!”
- Zero

Sometimes, we always say what we wanted to say out of our own emotions, out of our inner yearnings. and yet, we never really cared if people around us really understand the context of our words. Of course, like most of you, I really don’t see any big deal why I should make my words clear to people’s comprehension, especially when I am on my most stressful situation. But then again, there’s no harm in trying to be clear in what we want to convey, or at least be truthful enough and really meaning everything, what we say to people. That is what we call sincerity. No matter what you are, even if you are a broken record, a cotton bud, a hardened earwax, or even a sanitary napkin for that matter, when you mean what you say, when you are true to what you convey, people will always have time to listen to every word you say, even in the most distressing times of your emotions. otherwise, we’re you’re no different from this bunch of utensils and appliances, shouting their heart out and making statements just to be heard, ironically, in the final analysis, being laughed at instead of taking your every word seriously.

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